Discover Prompts, Day 21: Instrument

Discover prompts: Instrument

I like all the instruments that I had the privilege to listen. Out of all the instruments, I only wanted to learn to play the Piano.

My husband bought one for me, I was fortunate to get a teacher who agreed to help me. After a few months she could not continue, she had no spare time . She was a music teacher in the local school.

Then I managed to convince a neighbour who also was a music teacher. It was convenient she lived close by and things were going well. One day she told me her husband was transferred to Yellow Knife, which meant I’d lose the second teacher too.

I don’t know how I got to know another Music teacher, who was teaching in the local high school. He moved from Scotland to Newfoundland. He agreed to teach my daughters too. I was pleased we finally got a permanent teacher.

This time I lost him because he was only allowed to teach in the school, and was not permitted to have private students. This is what he was told by the immigration office, he was not an immigrant. The school employed him and he got a work visa.

Someone in our little town complained. He was given a warning if he did not obey, they will send him home.

I was left with an instrument and no one to teach.

Perhaps destiny was telling me, it had given me enough this one is not written in my future.

I tried one more time, this musician was my student in grade four, she grew up got a music degree and believe it or not lived in a house across the street from mine. I took some lessons from her. She applied to get into medical school, perhaps she was selected. I did not hear from her any more.

Right now my instrument is occupying a corner of the living room, where feline Raphael is having a grand time putting his sandy paw marks, declaring he owns this thing.