Discover Prompts, Day 25: Magic

My Magical Day

I always think a dream leads to magic. To explain why I think this way let me tell you a story of my life.

I had just finished my Post Graduate written exams and was waiting for the oral exam. Suddenly a thought came to my mind, how about registering for the Bachelor of education course. If I’m able to register and pass the course, I can apply for a job in teaching.

I spoke to my classmate, who said, ‘ I know there is a women’s college in Mymensingh, let us go there.’

Mymensingh is a small town four hours away by train from Dhaka city. We found out there was a daily train to this town in the wee hours of the morning. It took four hours to get there. We hired a rickshaw and landed on the doorsteps of the college. We were met by the vice principal who bluntly told us, ‘You are two months late, sorry we can’t take you.’

Call it luck or magic, another lady came out of her office, asked us why we were there. When we told her of our intention. She gave us a curious look and asked: ‘why are you late?’

We replied, ‘We were waiting to finish our exams.’

‘I’m impressed with you, you have guts,’ she said, turned around looked at the vice principal and, said

‘Make arrangements for these two to register,’ she informed the vice principal.

To us, ‘Go back , get your oral exam finished take the drutajan express, do not wait for garlands.’ (Drutajan is the name of the train, and the first word means fast.)

We came back to Dhaka, I didn’t feel so elated. I had a few things on my mind, the dark building of the college made me think of ghosts. I was miserable thinking not only of the scary building but the financial position, I’d have to ask one of my siblings to pay another year of education.

It wasn’t right, so I asked God to help me out. That same evening I went to our common room to check the classified ads, I didn’t know what I was looking for, but to my absolute dismay I saw in one corner of the newspaper an ad , which said Interwing scholarships to study B.Ed. There were other subjects, this happened to be what I wanted.

I tore the corner of the page, took it to my dormitory and slowly wrote my application letter. I never told a soul, not even mom or my siblings.

I went back to my local guardian’s house. I was not sure if I’d hear from them, but kind of hoped God will fulfill my wish.

A week later a man wearing a khaki uniform came up the steps of my uncle’s house and asked, ‘Does Chaman Ara live here?’

My uncle was terrified, looked at me and inquired,’ Do you know him?’

I was just as scared and could not find any reason for this man to look for me.

He had a bag on his shoulder took out a letter and announced, ‘this is a letter from the Department of Public Instruction, you are selected for an interview for a B.Ed. Scholarship. It was the best day in my life.

I went for the interview was selected and went to Lahore to study. A year later I came home and got a job in a school.

Everything that happened was like a dream and I can say magical. I learned from this experience, “if one sincerely asks God for help, one will get their wish.”

…………………………………………………………………….. 🙂