Discover Prompts, Day 28: Focus

Day 28: Focus

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Today’s prompt was kind of difficult for me to write about. I cannot exactly remember when I used the word, ‘FOCUS,’ seriously. Several minutes went by and I was still thinking. To dawdle is not something that interests me. So I started writing.

I went back to my school days, I did not focus in the lower grades I read my lessons a few days before the exams and barely made it to the next level. This habit persisted till I finished the undergraduate degree.

Suddenly I woke up I took admission to do my Masters degree. At first I had no idea what subject I must take to complete this degree. I asked big sister if I should study Economics. ‘No,’ she said, ‘you’re not a serious student you will not make it.’

After a few seconds she suggested, ‘English, study English.’

I was irritated I said, ‘No I’ll take History.’

Big sister went her way and I took admission in the department of History.

The day of our first lecture I found myself in a large room. The room was buzzing with the voices of boys, and the three of us females would not have been noticed if we sat at the back.

The Prof. was a serious guy he looked at us and pointed the first few seats for us to sit.

Classes started the prof. got his register called the names of the students and marked the attendance.

First few days went fast. The new week brought with it immense pressure at least for me. We were going to have tests after a few weeks. I was worried, what if I do badly in the tests. The male students who already thought they were superior students will make fun of us.

I realized then that I need to pay attention in class and do well in all these tests.

I started going to all three libraries in the city to take notes and study hard.

For two years I spent my time studying which was something I never did before.

The final exams were tricky I knew the subject well and succeeded in getting good marks. I was pleased I finally got a certificate I was proud of.


8 thoughts on “Discover Prompts, Day 28: Focus

  1. History, to me, seems to be gathering the stories of others and controlling that knowledge to share with an audience (students, readers, what have you). Not an easy task. I appreciate your telling of the changes you made in order to succeed. If I may say, well done!

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