Stranger, May 24th

Random Encounter

Yes we did have a fleeting moment with a stranger. It happened when I was living in a hostel in Holy Cross College. One day my self and three girls from the college, got permission from one of our teachers to go see a movie in the city.

We got ready, it was a summer day, the heat was at its peak, we got out of the gate of the college and walked a few yards, we were looking for a baby taxi.

Suddenly a gentleman dressed in a suit and hat approached us. ‘Hello,’ he said, ‘are you going to the stadium to watch the ball game?’

I turned around looked at him and replied, ‘No we aren’t.’

The gentleman then remarked, ‘wherever you’re going I can give you a lift.’

He noticed I looked behind him, I didn’t see any vehicle. He noticed me and announced, ‘my car is coming.’

My fellow students stayed quiet. I did the talking, ‘No thank you we’ll hire a baby taxi.’

Whoever he was left and I had to explain to one of my classmates why I didn’t think it was right for us to take the stranger’s offer. It was Dhaka city and agreeing this weird man’s suggestion was not only unwise but simply Dangerous! I said.


365 Days, May 22nd


I tried to think of who I was jealous of and what was the reason behind it. I went back to a time when I was perhaps six years old. One day I noticed a classmate of mine wearing a very pretty three strand necklace, it was made of tiny beads. It caught my attention, somehow I couldn’t forget it and wished I had one. I wasn’t jealous of her at all and neither was I angry.

I’m not sure why I always thought my parents will not be able to afford it. The thought remained tucked away in my mind. I did not lose any sleep over it , but every now and then I dreamed, that necklace will magically appear in my drawer. I never told my parents about it, not even years later.

Many moons passed we moved from Delhi to Rawalpindi. Then moved to Bangladesh when my father passed away. I lived in Comilla , Bangladesh, after high school, I moved to Dhaka. I finished my education in various cities. Fate moved me to Gander Newfoundland. From there to my final destination, St. John’s.

It was here that tucked away dream of the necklace suddenly appeared in my mind. I have a relative who lives in California, USA. She came to visit us. I was telling her about a lot of things, and believe it or not my thoughts went back to my childhood and that necklace. I related the whole story, she got up and said, ‘wait a minute I’ll be back in a minute.’

She came back with a three strand necklace in her hand and gave it to me. It does not resemble the one I saw years ago. But it has three strands.

I guess I wasn’t jealous of my classmate, which is why my wish was fulfilled years later.

…….……………………………….. 🙂

365 Days, May 21st

Bittersweet Memories: Years ago I was invited to a wedding. I cannot recall what kind of food was served or how many people attended this wedding. What I do remember is a sari that one of the invitees was wearing.

I found out that sari was only available in Kolkata. Suddenly I remembered my friend Mini was from Kolkata, she’d be the one who could buy the sari for me.

I wrote a letter to my friend, I described the colour, the material, anything I could think of. She bought a sari and sent it to me. I was excited and tore open the package immediately. I was disappointed it wasn’t the same. I gave up and forgot all about it.

Few more years passed. Then one day a relative of mine came to visit us. She bought some gifts for us. Mine was a sari. The relative said, ‘Ranu if you don’t like it I’ll replace it.’ I opened the package and guess what, it was the exact same sari I wanted years ago.

‘No,’ I said: ‘I wanted this one for a long time.’

Holding this gift brought back bittersweet memories of the day when I longed to have the kind of gift I longed for such a long time. My mind was overwhelmed with getting something that I had given up ever receiving it, my only word was, “WOW, God is great, Shukr alhamdullilah!”


365 Days: Unconventional Love

The prompt here is one I couldn’t figure out. What is unconventional love I asked myself? Suddenly the door to my mind suddenly opened up. How could I forget JD our cat?

She was the first feline who was introduced by our daughter. I wasn’t keen on having an animal in the house, neither was my husband. We made several attempts to give her away, but couldn’t, she somehow stole our hearts.

Then we had a problem, our other daughter was allergic to animals, it got so bad she was unable to breathe. We were living in Gander at that time. We decided to take her to Gander with us.

In Gander we took her to the veterinarian to get spayed. She was in the kennel for a few hours after the surgery, the vet called us to pick her up, she asked me if we lived in a two storeyed house, ‘no but we have a basement in our house.’

She told me to keep the feline in the basement, her fear was while climbing up the stairs, JD may tear her stitches.

My husband came after work, and asked, ‘where is JD?’

‘In the basement I replied.’

He scurried down the basement, opened the door of the room, sat on the carpet and picked up the feline who let out a sad meow after seeing him.

My husband took JD in his arms and said, “I will let no one leave you in this room.”

From that day onward they had a special bond, he’d buy fresh cod fish for her and I’d bake it. She thought we were the best humans in God’s earth.

After a couple of years we moved to St John’s with JD and another feline Thursday.

Things were going well, but life reminded us joy and sorrow are related and it was our time to taste sorrow. JD became sick, the vet announced the terrible “C” word.

She suffered for few months and one evening she passed away. We were devastated, we arranged to have a Muslim burial, we bought a piece of white material for our beloved feline, wrapped it carefully, and put her in a basket.

My daughter’s friend dug out a piece of land in their backyard. We bid goodbye to her with a short prayer and laid her to rest.

We realized all of us humans and animals are destined to leave this earth when our time comes. JD was no different, but the joy we had for fifteen years with her presence will remain in our hearts forever.

…….………………………………………….. (:

365 days of writing, may 12:

Three people walk into a bar: A Newfie (from Newfoundland) a Brit and an Indian. Each wanted to be served first, the Bartender had a terrible day at home, he was not interested to have an argument with these strangers.

He yelled out in his coarse voice: What can I do for you fellas and make it quick?

The Newfie smiled and said: Was the Mrs. grouchy this morning, you don’t seem very happy, sir? I’m hungry and parched I’d sure love to wet my tongue and fill my belly with what they call food. I must confess I have two bucks on me, will it be enough?

The bartender ignored the Newfie and turned his attention to the Indian: How about you Sir, did you come to quench your thirst or fill your belly, and how many bucks is in your pocket?

The Indian felt insulted, he replied, ‘moon sambhal k bol, tu kia samajhta hai mere pass paise nahi hai? ( watch your mouth you think I don’t have money)?

Meanwhile the Brit was losing his mind, he had waited long enough, all he wanted was a glass of beer. He addressed the bartender: Listen mister before you solve their problems let me have a glass of beer, here’s the five pound note. I’m sure it’s okay.

The bartender served a glass of beer to the Brit. He turned around and yelled out to the other two. ‘Sorry guys I have nothing left to serve you, Bye!’