365 Days: Unconventional Love

The prompt here is one I couldn’t figure out. What is unconventional love I asked myself? Suddenly the door to my mind suddenly opened up. How could I forget JD our cat?

She was the first feline who was introduced by our daughter. I wasn’t keen on having an animal in the house, neither was my husband. We made several attempts to give her away, but couldn’t, she somehow stole our hearts.

Then we had a problem, our other daughter was allergic to animals, it got so bad she was unable to breathe. We were living in Gander at that time. We decided to take her to Gander with us.

In Gander we took her to the veterinarian to get spayed. She was in the kennel for a few hours after the surgery, the vet called us to pick her up, she asked me if we lived in a two storeyed house, ‘no but we have a basement in our house.’

She told me to keep the feline in the basement, her fear was while climbing up the stairs, JD may tear her stitches.

My husband came after work, and asked, ‘where is JD?’

‘In the basement I replied.’

He scurried down the basement, opened the door of the room, sat on the carpet and picked up the feline who let out a sad meow after seeing him.

My husband took JD in his arms and said, “I will let no one leave you in this room.”

From that day onward they had a special bond, he’d buy fresh cod fish for her and I’d bake it. She thought we were the best humans in God’s earth.

After a couple of years we moved to St John’s with JD and another feline Thursday.

Things were going well, but life reminded us joy and sorrow are related and it was our time to taste sorrow. JD became sick, the vet announced the terrible “C” word.

She suffered for few months and one evening she passed away. We were devastated, we arranged to have a Muslim burial, we bought a piece of white material for our beloved feline, wrapped it carefully, and put her in a basket.

My daughter’s friend dug out a piece of land in their backyard. We bid goodbye to her with a short prayer and laid her to rest.

We realized all of us humans and animals are destined to leave this earth when our time comes. JD was no different, but the joy we had for fifteen years with her presence will remain in our hearts forever.

…….………………………………………….. (:

4 thoughts on “365 Days: Unconventional Love

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this most wonderful post. It is one of your best. What a beautiful account of the life of JD.

    All good wishes,


    • Dear Robert,
      Thank you for this wonderful comment. It’s so valuable it makes me try harder to do a job that pleases all my blogger friends. Your comment motivates me more than you can imagine. I always appreciate those who read my posts and make an effort to let the writer know their feelings.

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