365 Days, May 21st

Bittersweet Memories: Years ago I was invited to a wedding. I cannot recall what kind of food was served or how many people attended this wedding. What I do remember is a sari that one of the invitees was wearing.

I found out that sari was only available in Kolkata. Suddenly I remembered my friend Mini was from Kolkata, she’d be the one who could buy the sari for me.

I wrote a letter to my friend, I described the colour, the material, anything I could think of. She bought a sari and sent it to me. I was excited and tore open the package immediately. I was disappointed it wasn’t the same. I gave up and forgot all about it.

Few more years passed. Then one day a relative of mine came to visit us. She bought some gifts for us. Mine was a sari. The relative said, ‘Ranu if you don’t like it I’ll replace it.’ I opened the package and guess what, it was the exact same sari I wanted years ago.

‘No,’ I said: ‘I wanted this one for a long time.’

Holding this gift brought back bittersweet memories of the day when I longed to have the kind of gift I longed for such a long time. My mind was overwhelmed with getting something that I had given up ever receiving it, my only word was, “WOW, God is great, Shukr alhamdullilah!”