Stranger, May 24th

Random Encounter

Yes we did have a fleeting moment with a stranger. It happened when I was living in a hostel in Holy Cross College. One day my self and three girls from the college, got permission from one of our teachers to go see a movie in the city.

We got ready, it was a summer day, the heat was at its peak, we got out of the gate of the college and walked a few yards, we were looking for a baby taxi.

Suddenly a gentleman dressed in a suit and hat approached us. ‘Hello,’ he said, ‘are you going to the stadium to watch the ball game?’

I turned around looked at him and replied, ‘No we aren’t.’

The gentleman then remarked, ‘wherever you’re going I can give you a lift.’

He noticed I looked behind him, I didn’t see any vehicle. He noticed me and announced, ‘my car is coming.’

My fellow students stayed quiet. I did the talking, ‘No thank you we’ll hire a baby taxi.’

Whoever he was left and I had to explain to one of my classmates why I didn’t think it was right for us to take the stranger’s offer. It was Dhaka city and agreeing this weird man’s suggestion was not only unwise but simply Dangerous! I said.