365 days, June third: Tourist Trap

File:Pharwala Fort.JPG

Rawalpindi a city in Pakistan is the place I loved, I wasn’t a tourist but went there with my Dad because he was posted there. We met a few serious obstacles on our way there. I will not remind myself about the trials we faced for it sure will put a damper on my beloved Rawalpindi.It is a beautiful city in Pakistan.

It has a long History of nations occupying it, but remains untouched. We arrived here when everything seemed perfect, the people the landscape it was almost like a paradise on earth.

I studied in a school where the motto was, ‘spare the rod, spoil the child.’ It did not matter the teachers were awesome, they taught us beautiful songs I hum even today.

In the morning I was in school, afternoon was adventure with my three younger siblings.

We had a race course nearby our house, we could watch horse race standing at the back of our house.

Each day we discovered a new place. One day we landed in a place where there was a huge outdoor gathering, some of the people were frying parathas in large woks. They were celebrating Muharram and we were offered these tasty fried breads that kind of resembled tortillas but tasted heavenly.

Another day the four of us walked at the back of our house and saw houses, in one there were some plants, they looked interesting. One of my brothers plucked one to bring it home. He was caught by the owner, we ran away leaving him there to get the punishment he deserved for being so naughty.

He wasn’t punished but was allowed to bring it home, when they found out our Dad was an Assistant secretary in the ministry of defense. If my Dad ever found out about this incidence, I’m sure we’d be grounded for the rest of our lives.

We were children and God knew we meant no harm, therefore we were forgiven I guess.

If I was given the choice to go for a trip, Rawalpindi would be the place I’d visit.