365 days, June 6th: Four Stars

Write a review of your life____ or the life of someone close to you___ as if it were a movie or a book.

My Life A Review

I grew up in a fairly large family. My brothers outnumbered my sisters. I didn’t mind this inequality. I played with my brothers more.

In school my favourite subjects were Spelling and Moral Science. Both helped me score more than my classmates.

At home I became the leader for my younger brothers to explore the area slightly beyond our house.

In the evening I spent time working on the never-ending homework which warned me do it or be ready to suffer the consequences.

My life was all pleasure in between some serious chores which only I, according to my parents was worthy of trusting.

My two older brothers, would taste the cream floating on the milk, this was an errand mom would rather have me do, even if I had to be awakened from the afternoon nap.

We were a happy family, mom cooked the most delicious meals on the planet which I along with my beloved siblings believed.

This lavish living turned our world upside down, on a sunny morning when all mankind were doing their own thing. Our beloved Dad’s health took a serious turn from which he never recovered.

We became orphan overnight. Mom lost her smile, we were at a loss thinking how can we survive without Dad. Slowly and painfully we pulled ourselves together and prepared to leave our most favourite city forever.

Destiny put us in a small town, where we started our life . It was painful but we had no choice, how could we, the change was so drastic.

My siblings and I concentrated on our education, I was in sixth standard in my previous school. There was a school where the medium of instruction was English, I could not register as I was in a higher grade.

The school was started by Catholic nuns they started with grade one, it had been four years, and they only had up to sixth grade.

Rather than do nothing I prepared to sit for the matriculation examination as a private candidate.

I passed the exam and registered in a local college. I started taking my studies seriously. I did not burn the midnight oil but enough to complete my education successfully.

After completing my education, I started thinking about work. I realized to teach, I need an education degree. I went to Lahore, Pakistan, to finish my education degree.

I returned home and taught for four years. I received a scholarship to study ‘Teaching English As A Foreign Language.’ After finishing my course, in London, England. I came back, taught in a school for a year.

I immigrated to Montreal, Canada, to join my husband, who was an Ophthalmologist in one of the hospitals.

From Montreal we moved to Gander, Newfoundland. I taught in an elementary school for several years.

Then we realized our kids would benefit if we moved to St. John’s when they were ready for higher studies.