365 days, June 8th

Do Not Disturb: Privacy

Managing privacy is not easy,

Using my nickname is one option

the other perhaps staying away

from social media

If nothing works become a hermit

live in a remote island,

And build a thatched house.

It sure is one way to

manage my privacy.


4 thoughts on “365 days, June 8th

  1. An island and a “thatched house.” Sounds pretty good. A sunny place, hopefully, and a quiet life.

    Or simply get off social media.

    Your poem certainly is thought-provoking.

    • Thank you so much. I wasn’t sure about this prompt. The moment we become professionals, teaching or anything else, our life goes through good and not so good moments, when either we become most hated or the other way around. I do feel for politicians who are criticized each waking hours, their personality changes with the passage of time.
      We have some terrific examples, who incidentally are our leaders. Thank you Clouch for finding time to read my posts. 🙂

  2. Dear Ranu,

    Managing our privacy is indeed important! Sometimes I wish I could live on a remote island :).

    All good wishes,


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