365 days, June 9th: The Normal

There are many reasons why being normal is a good thing. One example is when one is a teacher for forty- two boys in one classroom.

This happened to me. I took a job in a Residential Model School for boys. I was hired to teach 42 boys in grade two. The school Principal asked me, ‘Do you know how to discipline kids in a classroom?’

I was surprized to hear this question, ‘I replied it depends on the kids.’

It was my first day, I did not detect anything wrong with the boys, they were quiet and I suppose they were watching me. I was new, what went through their mind was, ‘How long will it take to get rid of this teacher.’

One of the boys got up from his seat, announced, ‘You are our sixth teacher.’

I looked at him, did not pay attention and said nothing.

The recess bell rang, I heard a noise it felt as if we were having a quake, which is normal considering where the city was located. I realized immediately no it’s the boys who jumped and cleared the room in a matter of seconds.

I came out from my classroom to look for the boys, found the gym teacher next door who told me how bad they are and he had to discipline them because their teacher could not.

I understood why the Principal asked me if I was capable of controlling a room full of overactive seven year old boys.

The Principal’s question and the seven year old boy’s statement aroused my mind. I felt I’ve seen how my mom disciplined us when we behaved badly. But we were twelve, eight sons and four daughters. I had to deal with 42 boys which is almost four times more.

Next morning I found them more energetic than the previous day. I told myself if I’m unable to put these hooligans where they belong I do not deserve to be in this profession. I checked my watch, the bell will ring in five minutes I thought, I must think of something. I checked my watch second time. The boys were stunned when I told them, ‘If anyone stands up after the bell rings, there will be no recess for you for the rest of the school year.’

The bell rang, no one moved. I asked them to stand beside their seat and wait for my instruction. They did what I wanted them to.

From that day they were never unruly and I did not have any problems.

Those boys were not normal, and if I didn’t correct them. They would get worse each passing day and eventually become a threat to the school.

Being normal is not a bad thing as we can see how the world is suffering because of abnormal leaders.

…………………………………….. 🙂