365 days, June 15th: Singin’ in the rain

Rainy Day

Rain as I remember was a welcome change after intense heat. Bit by bit the rain cooled off our part of the world. Rain was a gift to us from nature. It finally realized we needed a break from the intense heat.

We celebrated the falling of rain by singing, Tagore’s song, Translation by Ranu.

Before I translate, I’d like to let my readers know that, Ulala, is not part of the lyrics of Tagore.

On a crazy breeze of a rainy day,

My insane mind wakes up.

It thinks of an unknown place

where it runs towards without any reason.

Will it go back to the house


the mind says it won’t , it won’t___

it’s walls are shattered.

The intoxicating evening rain,

makes me think whose disciple am I,

My dream is surrounded by dancing drunkards.

I want what I’m not supposed to ask.

What I cannot get, where will I get!

I will not get it, I will not get it,

I’m losing my mind trying to get the impossible.


6 thoughts on “365 days, June 15th: Singin’ in the rain

    • Thank you, Clouch I tried my best, Tagore can spin the words in such a way, even a Bengali like me can have serious problem translating. I only came to Bengal to live when I was twelve and a half years old. My mom was sick of living in places where she had no contact with her parents and siblings. We her kids had little enthusiasm going to Bengal where we had to learn about the culture and everything else. We only knew the language because our Dad made it clear from day one, ‘you are a Bengali and I want you to speak it when you are in the house.’
      My Dad’s favourite words were, ‘ayah kheyal sharif mein in Urdu.’ In other words do you understand what I mean? 🙂

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