365 days, June 20th: Moment of kindness

It was on an afternoon in winter, I got out of my school and headed home. The strong winds and poor visibility because of snow, made my life miserable. I’d walk two steps and the wind blew me back from where I started. It takes only five minutes to reach home on a good day.

This afternoon was not normal, I was caught in a winter storm, it was difficult to hold on to my bag and the spelling test papers I was carrying. All of a sudden I heard a swishy sound with it my test papers flew out of my arm and were scattered on the street. To my utter dismay they kept flying further and further from me.

I stood there completely baffled, thinking, ‘Do I try to pick up the papers or leave them and go home?’

Nature once again played a trick on me, I couldn’t go back as the wind changed its course. I was about to walk home, when I saw a car stop and a stranger came out started picking up the papers. I was embarrassed thinking what might he think, here is a teacher letting the test papers fly away, what will she tell her pupils, ‘I lost your papers you’ll have another test?’

And I can hear the kids protesting, ‘no miss no more test, you’ll have to give us 100%.’

While all this was haunting my brain, the stranger came towards me and said, here are your papers, ‘I hope you’ve got them all!’