365 days: Name that…. you

My name is Chaman. It means a garden. My name was chosen by a good friend of my parents.

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Although I don’t know why I was named Chaman. I can guess the reason. I was always a very happy child. I loved helping my mom with a variety of chores. Whenever mom needed something immediately, I was the one she called.

One day she was sewing something the thread broke, my mom yelled out, I ran to see who did what, to my utter dismay the thread of the needle broke, to continue her chore she wanted someone to thread the needle. I quickly solved her problem and ran out to play with my siblings.

My Dad came to me once, he wanted my assistance to do a simple chore, perhaps he could not trust anyone but me. He wanted me to open the latch of the door early in the morning.

Wow, I thought but Bari can do it. ‘No he brings me bad luck,’ Dad said.

How did Bari opening the door brings bad luck to my father. I didn’t ask the question, my facial expression gave away what I was thinking.

Dad knew I was confused. He explained to me, ‘Yesterday while pulling the door latch he made a noise, I woke up and saw Bari’s face, that day everything went wrong. I cannot have another day of bad luck.’

I think my name suits me. Because my name means garden, which is a very happy place. There are pretty flowers, many colourful butterflies are seen moving around showing off their fancy wings. The green grass and the tall Eucalyptus trees add to the beauty of the garden. Young children run around happily without fear.

I was a very happy person. the world has changed so much, no one looks happy anymore they are always afraid.

Nature is unhappy, to teach us a lesson, it gives us storms, earthquakes, diseases which is killing human beings, thousands are dying. There are people at the helm trying to convince humans this is fake, hoax. How can it be fake or hoax when we are watching every day millions are getting infected and thousands dying.

Unless we the people stop corruption, and try to admit the fact that climate change is real. Our way of life is polluting the planet. If we don’t change we will be wiped out like the dinosaurs.