365 days: A little Sneaky?

Writing Prompts, sneaky?

No not at all. I find WordPress prompts very useful. I do not think it’s limiting either. We are given either one word prompt or a sentence. For me it opens the door to write whatever I want.

It’s up to me to use the prompt anyway I want. A little sneaky? Reminds me of current and past politicians. Some will try to take advantage of the position they get. Some build up their wealth, while showing their opponents as ones who will destroy the country if we the voters make the mistake of voting for his opponent.

These words should give us the signal that this guy is dangerous. But we’re so gullible we believe everything they say and keep listening and voting for him/her.

I’m not a politician and I disliked politics since I was fourteen. I know of one who after getting elected ordered a brand new car from abroad. While he’s dreaming of his shiny car, there are millions of people in his country who are starving to death.

Then another who went to a country and presented himself as a billionaire, who was ready to change the acres of a land to a paradise, where there will be thousands of jobs. Did he fool the government? Yes, imagine someone a stranger no less was able to convince a foreign government that one of its citizen is plotting against him.

It gets better the guy who was a citizen was imprisoned by his own government. When I heard it I thought, what a con man!

I have my own experience of meeting such a man. Here it is: On a bright sunny morning, there was a knock on our door. I opened the door to a stranger, as I was about to close the door, he recited a vey important verse from our religion. Mom heard it and yelled; Ranu let him in. I did.

He started by telling my mom that my eldest sister is like a beautiful flower in the garden. Mom was impressed, she invited him to take a seat. He started telling her, he felt sad to see a widow at such a young age, that he knew how to make her wealthy.

My mom and my sister were convinced, that this is some Angel who was going to make mom rich in a jiffy.

I wasn’t convinced, my mom told me to be quiet and stop making any kind of negative comment. I watched her going back and forth from the living room to the bedroom. She took out a handful of cash to give this guy.

When he collected enough money, he pointed at a corner of the living room, he said: He can see a lot of cash under it. She should break the cement where she’ll find a lot of money.

He also warned her not to look back when he leaves. I don’t know what it meant. He promised her he’d come back to see her, but she won’t recognize him.

When he left, I told my mom, ‘he deceived you, he will never come back.’

I was right we never saw that con man. 🙂

Be warned a crooked politician is a little sneaky when he spends most of his time putting down his opponent. Ask yourself what has he done for his country anything or Nothing! 😦