365 days: No Fair

Tell us about something you think is terribly unfair— and explain how you would rectify it.

I think it’s terribly unfair to discriminate anyone because of his/her race, religion, or parentage.

In my mind we were created by a single Creator, who probably didn’t realize that any of the above reason would be an obstacle on his/her path of success.

I once faced a different kind of obstacle when I wanted to register in an M.ED research institute as a student. The head of the department told me, ‘You are too young to be admitted.’

I was not ready to accept his verdict. I told him : I completed my B.ED degree successfully, which is a prerequisite to register for M.ED.

He smiled and said, ‘the prerequisites are you have to be thirty five years old with at least two years of teaching experience.’

I wasn’t going to give up, I retorted, ‘I’m twenty-two, I may not qualify age wise, it doesn’t mean you’ll deny me an admission because of it. It isn’t fair.’

He looked at me and I felt he thought, if she’s so confident of herself let me test her.

He told me to sit for the tests they were giving the next day, if I pass they’ll take me.

A week later I received a letter which said, they were happy to register me in the course.

They overlooked the fact that I was thirteen years younger with no teaching experience. I realized that day, one has to let the interviewer know you are serious and will not give up until the administration gives you a chance.


Song by Tagore, translated by ranu

prabir bhattacharyya
1 year agoএবার   নীরব করে দাও হে তোমার মুখর কবিরে। তার হৃদয়-বাঁশি আপনি কেড়ে বাজাও গভীরে॥ নিশীথ রাতের নিবিড় সুরে     বাঁশিতে তান দাও হে পুরে যে তান দিয়ে অবাক কর’ গ্রহশশীরে॥ নিশীথ রাতের নিবিড় সুরে    ……(২) এবার   নীরব করে দাও হে…. যা-কিছু মোর ছড়িয়ে আছে জীবন-মরণে, গানের টানে মিলুক এসে তোমার চরণে। বহুদিনের বাক্যরাশি      এক নিমেষে যাবে ভাসি– একলা বসে শুনব বাঁশি অকূল তিমিরে॥ এবার   নীরব করে দাও হে….. রাগ: দরবারী কানাড়া তাল: ত্রিতাল

Silence the poet

It’s time to silence your talkative poet, O Lord,

Grab his flute and play deep into his heart.

Fill it with midnight’s deep tune,

The tune by which you amaze the moon.

Whatever I own in life and death,

Let the attraction of the song unite it,

To grace your feet.

Days of my speech will drift away,

in a moment.

I will sit alone and listen to the flute,

In a shoreless gloom.

My House To Me

If it aint broke complain not don’t fix it,

If the knob gives trouble change it.

There are many things to talk about,

Stop concentrating on my defects

It could have been worse not better

Life has its up and down think hard

It’s the same with me I kid you not

So be happy with what you’ve got!