365 days: No Fair

Tell us about something you think is terribly unfair— and explain how you would rectify it.

I think it’s terribly unfair to discriminate anyone because of his/her race, religion, or parentage.

In my mind we were created by a single Creator, who probably didn’t realize that any of the above reason would be an obstacle on his/her path of success.

I once faced a different kind of obstacle when I wanted to register in an M.ED research institute as a student. The head of the department told me, ‘You are too young to be admitted.’

I was not ready to accept his verdict. I told him : I completed my B.ED degree successfully, which is a prerequisite to register for M.ED.

He smiled and said, ‘the prerequisites are you have to be thirty five years old with at least two years of teaching experience.’

I wasn’t going to give up, I retorted, ‘I’m twenty-two, I may not qualify age wise, it doesn’t mean you’ll deny me an admission because of it. It isn’t fair.’

He looked at me and I felt he thought, if she’s so confident of herself let me test her.

He told me to sit for the tests they were giving the next day, if I pass they’ll take me.

A week later I received a letter which said, they were happy to register me in the course.

They overlooked the fact that I was thirteen years younger with no teaching experience. I realized that day, one has to let the interviewer know you are serious and will not give up until the administration gives you a chance.


2 thoughts on “365 days: No Fair

  1. Dear Ranu,

    What an inspiring story of you challenging and overcoming an obstacle!

    And we agree with you that I think it’s unfair to discriminate against anyone because of his/her race, religion, or parentage.

    All good wishes,


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