Everyday Inspiration,Day one: I Write Because

I write because I want my brain to be active. Keeping this thought alive I’ll begin with a quote by my favourite poet and philosopher, Rabindranath Tagore. His quote : It is very simple to be happy, but it is very difficult to be simple.

There are several occasions in my life, when our friends and acquaintances compared me with my sister. We are very different.

Once my sister and I were about to go out when one of my sister’s friend showed up, he looked at me and my sister and asked, ‘who is she?’

The reply was, ‘she is my sister.’

The friend looked at us both nodded his head and declared, ‘positive and negative.’

One of my teacher’s Sister Rose Bernard asked, ‘Is she your half sister?’

No, ‘I said she is my sister. We both belong to the same parents.’

We sisters are different, while she is all about fashion, her clothes from head to foot must match. I on the other hand did not care. She is an extrovert and I am the opposite.

I was a mystery to people we know. How can two daughters from the same family be so different.

My dad used to tell my mom, why is Ranu so different, she doesn’t comb her hair, put cream on her face; even the girls from the village look after themselves.’

Years went by people asked the same question, no one could figure out what exactly was the reason.

If they’d care to ask me, I’d tell them not all the fingers of your hand look the same. This was my mom’s quote.

I met countless people in my long journey, some liked me for who I am. Others called me stupid, dumb, you name it they used as many adjectives against me as they could.

There were times I felt like telling them off, but it could not help, it’d only make me upset.

What my critics failed to comprehend was I like simplicity. It’s the easiest thing to be mentally and financially.

……………………………0…………………………… 🙂

4 thoughts on “Everyday Inspiration,Day one: I Write Because

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for creating and sharing this nice post. I’m with you…simplicity is my aim. As Tagore note, sometimes that is difficult, but it is nonetheless worth the effort.

    All good wishes,


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