Writing: Intro to poetry, Day Eight: Pleasure

Poetry, Day Eight : Pleasure( poetic device: anaphora)

Pleasure is teasing my brother when he ate my candy,

And reminding him off and on he is really not dandy.

Pleasure is recovering nicely from that dreadful pain,

Hoping that nasty thing will never show up ever again.

Pleasure is feeding my favourite feline Sophie,

Praying she will never be frightened no sir-ee.

Pleasure is voting for my favourite leader,

Believing he will win which will be sweeter.

Pleasure is talking about my dear dad,

Who loved us cared for us and never was mad.


7 thoughts on “Writing: Intro to poetry, Day Eight: Pleasure

  1. Dear Ranu,

    I always enjoy your well-rhymed posts! They are nice to read out loud, as the rhyming is pleasant to the ear.

    All good wishes,


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