Intro to Poetry,Day Nine: Landscape

Poetry, Day Nine: Landscape ( poetic theme: apostrophe)

Exterior - Lady Irwin School Images, Defence Colony, Delhi - Girls Schools
Lady Irwin Secondary School, image from Wikipedia

Lady Irwin Was my first school,

Teachers were friendly and cool.

I learned English,Math,and Bengali,

The school was started in New Delhi.

Here I learned the national anthem,

We memorized it when we were young.

Behind the large gates we often walked,

Pooris for sale she lovingly called.

Then Bengali lesson my teacher announced,

I have pictures for you all to write a story,

Let’s see if you are ready to work my dear-ie.

I loved this school because of the great teachers,

I know you’d love those God’s awesome creatures.

………………………………….. πŸ™‚

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