Folk Song, translated by Ranu

O, I am ruined,

And I am doomed,

I fear the never-ending river is shoreless.

There is no bank?

No edge?

Not even a way of getting across.?

I urge you dear boatman,

Use caution when you row,

The worst part is,

It’s an endless river,

With no edge or bank

Knowing you are famous,

I feel encouraged

to hand over my damaged,

boat in your care.

O, Glorious master,

Hold on to the helm once,

Take your seat,

in my damaged boat

O, my master, may I remind,

You, I’m extremely frightened,

when I see the ripples of river Styx,

please be cautious,

when you row my withered boat,

If the boat drowns,

It will ruin your name,

My dear Master!


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