Buddha’s Quote:

Silent isn’t empty. It is full of answers.

This morning when I read the above quote by Buddha, I started thinking about myself. In my time in college, I heard some serious discussion about me.

One of my classmate said, ‘she is quiet because she does not know how to express herself, to hide her problem she is silent among people who are strangers.’

In the university one of my classmates said, ‘what’s wrong with this girl, why is she so proud?’

One day I collected my writing materials and was on my way to the library, the same girl stopped me, she said: ‘I’d like to go to the library with you.’

I was so surprised I said, ‘You really want to go to the library?’

The Public Library was across the street from our residence. We walked over, went in took our seats, I was about to get up to get the reference book to write my notes, she said: ‘Wait I want to tell you something.’

I sat down. She said, ‘You know I thought you are very proud, this is why you do not talk to anyone.’

Fast forward three years, I successfully completed my M.A. and Bed. degrees. I got a scholarship to go to London, England to study, “Teaching English As A Foreign Language.”

One morning all of us classmates decided to visit a place, I have forgotten the name. We found the building wasn’t open . So we sat on the steps of the building. I was quiet as usual, suddenly my classmate Prasad yelled out, ‘Sabeth you will never have enemies.’

I turned around looked at him, he said, ‘You are always silent, you cannot have enemies.’

I smiled and replied, ‘You will be surprised.’

My mom always told me, ‘a dumb person has no enemies.’

My uncle told me this after watching me sitting quietly. ‘Ranu what were you thinking, you never said a word, I think you should study Philosophy, it will suit your nature.’

I cannot remember watching anyone, and making a judgement about them. But there are some who do, it can be out of jealousy, curiosity or just trying to show how talented they are.’

………………………………….. 🙂