My journal: Day Three

It has been many moons since I had the privilege of going to North Wales for teaching practice. I remember we were going to Llanberis, a small village in North Wales. Our trip was organized by the Institute of Education, London University.

They booked our stay in a house belonging to a local family. They were three individuals in this family, the father, mother and an eleven year old son.

It was the month of November, it was a cold snowy evening when we arrived by bus. The lady of the house was very charming, she showed us our rooms. In those days there was no central heating. The family spent early evening in the drawing room. There was a fireplace to heat this room.

When we came, they let us spend the evening until bedtime in this room. The bedrooms were cold, so we were told to take hot water bags to keep us warm. The bag of hot water only kept the bed warm for about forty five minutes, after that we depended on the quilt provided by the landlady.

All in all it was a new experience, we were ready to face it with a smile.

In the morning we went to the school where we taught English to the little Welsh children. The children were delighted to have us strangers for a fortnight. Perhaps they felt freer for a a few days without their regular teachers.

I was nervous because our Profs went with us, they sat in the back of the classroom to listen and watch us.

The part that worried me most was I was supposed to explain how I did. There was an empty room where we gathered with the profs and each of us became our own critic. One of our Profs whose name was Mr. Hill, was very easy going, he was pleasant, every now and then he’d joke with me. I happened to be the youngest student in our class . Most of the students were professors from India, who did this course once in India. This was their second time.

After two weeks we came back to London. I enjoyed our trip back and forth.

…………………………………. 🙂

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