My journal: Day Four

Our trip to Malta for teaching practice.

On our first day in the institute of education class we were told a few things to keep in mind. One was we will travel to North Wales and Malta for teaching practice. North Wales I’ve already mentioned.

Next was Malta where we will spend one month beginning in June, we the students of Teaching English As A Foreign Language, boarded the plane from Heathrow airport to Malta. We landed at the airport in the afternoon. It was a sunny and warm day. We were welcomed by a number of people from the department of education. We followed them to the airport building. There we were given addresses of places we’ll call home for the month of June.

We were separated in groups of three. I belonged to the group of Zakiah Ibrahim from Malaysia and Yukiko Adachi from Japan.

Zakiah kind of took the role of our leader. Yuki and I had no problem with this arrangement. Zakiah took the responsibility of cooking supper, I was responsible for breakfast. Yuki would be our dishwasher.

Zakiah and I were doing our job, but Yuki was not. Each morning before breakfast she’d yell out from her bed, ‘Chaman wash only the dishes we need for breakfast, the rest will be done by the women who come to clean house.’

Zakiah was unhappy, she said, ‘do not wash the dishes, we’ll drag her from bed and make her do it.’

I had a problem with this skirmish first thing in the morning, we had to be ready to go to our respective schools for teaching duty. I let it go and did not make a fuss about this.

Things went well, Yuki did not change, so I was doing double duty. I consoled myself by thinking, it’s only a month, and chances are good when we complete our studies, we will never meet again. Which is true. To see any of them I’d have to travel to Malaysia where Zakiah was from and, Yuki Japan.

Malta was the country we stayed in the capital, Valetta. It was a beautiful city. The sun shone brightly every single day of our stay there.

Going from where we lived in Valetta, all I heard is the fury of the Mediterranean sea, the waves were quite high. It was a scene I saw daily.

Then there was a little dog who barked as loud as it could every day it saw me. Since I was scared of dogs I used to walk on the other side of the street.

One day while coming back from school, I saw one of our classmates from Israel, petting the same dog, I went over and said, ‘WOW!’ this one is not barking at you.’

She said, ‘are you scared of her?’

‘Yes,’ I said.

‘This is why she barks at you, she can sense it.’

I learned something about a little animal, whose barking made me think of all kinds of things, but not how clever it was.

Someone once told me, ‘learning doesn’t stop with finishing school, it’s an ongoing lesson one learns until one leaves this amazing world.’

………………………………………….. πŸ™‚

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