Brideshead Revisited, Author Evelyn Waugh: Book Review by ranu

This is the second novel I read by this author. The title of the first one is, ‘The Loved One,’ I only read this one because it was in our course.

The second is, ‘Brideshead Revisited, written by the same author.’ while the first one was about the dead, thankfully this one is about the living.

Charles Ryder is the narrator of this novel. He works in the British army which he dislikes.

He and his troops reach a new camp. It’s an impressive and large estate, and is called,’Brideshead Castle.’ This is an estate owned by the Flyte family. Charles Ryder is a first year student at Oxford university. He has an older cousin Jasper, who takes the role of helping Charles. It begins with what he should eat and whom he should avoid initially.

Charles meets Sebastian Flyte, the youngest son of Lord and Lady Marchmain owner of the Brideshead estate.

Sebastian is rich and handsome. He has a teddy bear named Aloysius. He loves parties and behaves like a rock star.

Charles and Sebastian become good friends. Cousin Jasper doesn’t like Sebastian, because he mixes with the wrong crowd.

Anthony a friend of Sebastian, tells Charles about Sebastian’s family. Through him he discovers that Sebastian’s parents are separated, he has an older brother the Earl of Brideshead and is known as Bridey. He has a sister Julia and sister Cordelia. Julia is pretty and does her own thing.

Cordelia is energetic, at times she is a troublemaker. Of the four children, Sebastian is the one the family is worried about due to his excessive drinking habit.

It took me about a week to read this novel. I think one can learn a lot from reading this book. I’m not sure if I like this book, but there are parts where it teaches us humans how the world has changed.

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Book Review: Jude The Obscure, by Thomas Hardy, posted and reviewed by ranu

The story is about an orphan named Jude who dreams of studying at the university in Christminster. But his poverty shatters his ambition. His aunt who raised him wanted him to be a stone mason.

The characters in this story are Jude the orphan; Arabella the wife of Jude, Sue Bridehead cousin of Jude; and Richard Phillotson the school master.

Jude worked as a stone mason, Arabella, his wife worked in a bar before she married Jude. Sue was training to become a teacher and Phillotson was a school master.

Jude was forced to marry Arabella, which spoiled his chances to study in a university.

Sue married the school master whom she did not love.

My favourite character is Jude. He tried to please everyone but was unsuccessful. He was too nice, therefore the other characters took advantage of him.

I liked the book after I finished it. In the beginning I thought parts of it was boring.

My least favourite part in the story is when Arabella’s son, killed his half siblings.

I would certainly recommend this book to anyone who likes good novels.

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