Please God Don’t Take Him!

Eight years ago we got Rafael,

A tiny Siamese cat,

He was scared to be in

an environment, where he

knew no one.

Each day he hid himself

under the recliner.

It took him a little more

than a week to be


He climbed up, climbed


Nothing satisfied him.

His energy at that

time was more than

one could handle.

Time was passing by, Rafa

did not know how to calm down,

We closed the doors of

the living room and kitchen.

One day while watching

him I said, ‘Rafa this is how

I open the doors.’

Next day I noticed the

doors were open

Rafa and other felines

were inside.

I yelled, “Selina did you

forget to close the door?’

‘No Mom,’ was the reply.

Next day I watched him

open the door.

We changed the knobs,

Rafa was angry, he

let out a shrill, ‘Meeeow.’

We were happy, he was not.

He was curious about

the basement,

one day he zoomed

down when I opened

to take my clothes

to the washer.

I screamed so hard,

Rafa was scared,

for almost a week

he stopped looking at


Rafa being Rafa,

he could not stay

angry this long.

Time was passing by, there

was no more problems

with Rafa. He and I became friends.

Beginning of October,

I saw Rafa’s bowl was not


We thought he didn’t like

the food.

This continued day after day.

‘Something is wrong I said Selina

take him to the vet.’

We couldn’t get the regular

vet without an appointment.

It was an emergency, Selina

took him to the special vet.

After the blood test,

The vet said, she needs to take an X Ray,

After what seemed eons, the result

was shocking, Rafa has cancer.

We watch and we wonder,how

long do we have him?

…………………………………………………………… 🙂

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