I wasn’t sure about the title. I used it because it tells about things we learn about people. When I was eleven our father took us to Bangladesh. Our journey was a long one, in those days airplanes were not that fast.

We travelled from Rawalpindi to Lahore. The airplane from Lahore to Dhaka was larger. We had to put cotton wool in our ears to minimize the terrible sound of the aircraft.

We arrived after it seemed hours. Waiting to receive us were our maternal uncles and my father’s younger brother. All these people were overjoyed to see us I presumed.

We had a good time in the city of Dhaka. It was not where we spent two months of our vacation from school.

Our final destination was our grandparent’s home in a village named Cheora. We had an unbelievably good time. Here we met our uncles who were not at the airport, and our cousins who we met for the first time.

We took back great memories of our visit, I for one could not wait to tell my school friends in Rawalpindi about our newly found cousins.

All our excitement did not last too long. A year later our fate took a sad turn, Dad died, Mom did not want to stay in Rawalpindi, she missed her siblings. My eldest brother made arrangements to go back to Bangladesh for good. After a year and a half we were on our way back to my Mom’s long lost Bangladesh.

We arrived at the same Dhaka Airport. This time all those smiley uncles were absent. Why did we suddenly fail to make them happy? ‘A quiet voice made me aware your Dad was the attraction not you!’

I must mention my mother’s cousin was present, he really loved us I was certain. His name was Ali, I always liked teasing him, when we met him the first time. When I saw him this time, I exclaimed, ‘look Mom, Ali Baba Chalis Chor.'( Ali Baba and the forty thieves). Mom with a grin on her face said, ‘do not say this badtamiz(ill-mannered) he is your uncle.

My sweet uncle said, ‘she’s only having a good time, it’s all-right!

…………………………………………….. 🙂

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