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Everyday Inspiration, Day Eighteen : A Series of Anecdotes

Day Eighteen : A Series of Anecdotes

“Twelve Ways of Looking at Water.

1) Years ago I remember travelling on a train to go to Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The compartment was full of people, we were quiet, because making any kind of noise was harmful for all of us. Suddenly I was very thirsty, I asked Mom for water, she said, she forgot to carry water. For some reason the train stopped at a deserted place, where I saw a dog bathing in a puddle of water. I was thirsty it didn’t matter if it was dirty water, I agreed to drink it, someone I cannot recall who, got off the compartment with a little glass to get water for me. The water was muddy, the color was reddish, I drank it and did not ask for it any more.

11) My Dad took us to Bangladesh for two months. We stayed at our maternal Grandpa’s house. Grandpa had a large pond,  we used to go on the shallow waters for hours, one day my cousin asked my sister to go over to the cleaner water, this spot was deeper, my sister could not control  herself and almost drowned, thanks to my mother who saved her. We were not allowed to go near the pond, the fun was over.

111)  I got an opportunity to visit Malta for teaching practice in Valetta, Malta. While there my friends and I  were invited to go for  a ride on  a speedboat to visit the ‘Sixth Fleet’, anchored on the Mediterranean sea. It was a rough ride, I was dizzy I could not lift my head to see the rough waves of the sea. The captain of the boat apologised, ‘I’m so sorry,’ he said, ‘You did not enjoy the ride.’

1V)   I went to my husband’s home in the village, it was surrounded by water. On my first day I was very nervous when I had to ride on a rowboat, it was the only way to visit the village.

V)   I taught in a residential school in Dhaka city for two and a quarter years. It was a boys’ school, I was in charge of seventy-five of them, ranging from five to twelve years. One day a group of boys started water fight while bathing, the water flowed out of the bathrooms to the verandah. There were two boys who went crazy, they slipped, bumped into each other, one of them lost two front teeth. The staff called the Principal, he came  right away, he asked me where  was I, what was I doing. I said, ‘I was in my room resting.’

A few weeks ago I gave him my resignation letter. He quietly left, but did show his temper with the ward boys.

V1) Our felines, Gabriel, Raphael, and Sophie love drinking water from the fountain, this love is not extended to taking a bath with water. If they are a nuisance we use our spray bottle to discipline them. You have to spray Raphael several times to stop his bad behavior, Gabriel runs when he sees the bottle, you do not have to spray him, but Sophie she is so scared she runs away when she sees a bottle in my hand.

V11)   Everyone told me I must learn swimming,I tried for a few months. I learned to put my face on the water in the pool and hold my nose and wet my whole body, this is it, people like me will never learn to swim.

V111) Once in Bangkok I wanted a drink of water, ‘which one is it’,  he said ‘carbonated or plain.’

I had no idea which, I asked my husband, with a  broad grin on his entire face, he said, ‘Carbonated.’ I bought two bottles for us, my husband drank his in a jiffy.

I took one sip screwed my face and yelled, ‘you like this?’

1X)   I was making soup for supper, I put enough water so the meat would come off the bones, when I went back to the kitchen, I got a foul smell, there was no water and the bones burned.

X)  I asked my friend to make lentil soup how much water I should use, she said, ‘just guesstimate it, it’d be fine.’

X1) The lesson I learned from that experience is, ‘if you cannot guess, do not leave the kitchen.’

X11) I’m so excited this is my twelfth one, I Wonder why Samuel  Taylor Coleridge said, ‘Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.’ If there was water all around him why couldn’t he take a handful and drink it, provided he was riding a boat. Perhaps he was on an  airplane  circling the Pacific Ocean, which will make sense if that is where he was, of course he couldn’t get a handful of water if his plane was circling the sky. How silly of me!

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Everyday Inspiration, Day Sixteen : Mine Your Own Material

Day Sixteen : Mine Your Material

The Things We Leave Behind

This is the house we left years ago. My husband reluctantly sold it. The day we left was a cold November day. Our neighbor insisted we spend the night in her house. My husband declined the offer, the vacuum cleaner was the last thing I picked up to put in the car. We locked the house gave the keys to our lawyer and were on our way to St. John’s, NL.

The trans-Canada Highway was unusually quiet, there were very few cars on the road. It took four hours to reach our destination.

I missed the house we left, the house we’d make our home cannot be compared with the one we left. This one is two-storied house, it had broken windows, the previous owner did not take proper care,  it looked like one owned by a step-mother who couldn’t wait to sell it to the highest bidder. The neighbors complained the value of their property will go down because of this eyesore among them.

Since we came we have renovated it several times, it still cannot be compared with one we had to  leave behind!

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Everyday Inspiration, Day Seventeen: Map as Your Muse

Day Seventeen: Map as Your Muse

Inspiration Poem

Standing tall is this grey house,

No one fears not even a mouse, 

I know why he wanted to buy it

 Because school is so close to it

It’s a lame excuse I forcefully said,

Don’t argue with me he turned red

We spend money to get it fixed

My attitude is completely mixed

I try to look at a brighter side

It’s a stone’s throw from the mall

If I’m bored I’d make  a quick call

My friend who’s like a doll

She says Mary don’t worry,

We’ll open a stall and sell curry!

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Everyday Inspiration, Day Fourteen: Recreate a Day

Day Fourteen: Recreate a Single Day or An hour and a half

It is 9:30 am, Angelique Kerber and Jelena Ostapenko stepped on Center Court, to play semi-final tennis match this day July 12th, 2018.It is a grand slam tennis match at Wimbledon, UK.

The tennis stadium was  full of   fans of both players. The umpire sat on a  high chair  and was calling the match.

There is a coin toss to decide who will start the first set. Umpire calls to start the match. The player who chose the right side begins playing. Each player seems anxious, it’s always the case, it’s an important match whoever wins the match will play for the title.

I watched the match on my TV. Although it’s a semi-final match, only one player  played well. The other player made too many mistakes. It was not competitive at all. Angelique Kerber won easily against Jelena Ostapenko. 

Angelique Kerber will play against the winner of the second semi-final, for the Wimbledon title. 

It took one hour thirty minutes for Angelique to win the match.

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Everyday Inspiration, Day twelve : Critique a Piece of Work

Day Twelve : Critique a Piece of work

Memoir : A House in the Sky: Authors Amanda Lindhout and Sarah Corbett

This memoir is about a woman who was kidnapped. The kidnappers were mean, ugly, they tortured, starved and threatened to kill her. She went through such extreme abuse but never gave up hope that she would get her freedom one day.

While reading this story, I realized that  some humans are cruel and have no conscience. There were times I wanted  to skip the pages to know how this story ends. 

I forced myself to read this book, I am glad I read it from beginning to end. I feel better it had a happy ending for Amanda and her friend.

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Everyday Inspiration, Day Eleven: A Cup of Coffee

Day Eleven : Cup of Coffee

Hello readers, if the day was July 14th, 2018, and we were thinking of having coffee  next day. I’d probably discuss about fasting in the month of Ramadan, how excited I’d be about  fasting thirty days without a break. That I was ready to celebrate with my friends to have a cup of coffee during the day. 

The day did not turn out the way I expected, I ended up cooking all day, I cancelled a dinner invitation so I could cook, which was disappointing. The invitation date changed from 15th to 16th. Unfortunately it did not happen because there was a death in the family. I do not mind missing a dinner, what is sad is the reason behind it.

My readers might wonder why I  brought about such a morbid subject while having a cup of coffee, there’s also the saying, ‘both good and bad things happen in life!’

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Everyday Inspiration, Day Ten : Let the Scene Write Itself

Day Ten: Let the Scene Write Itself

   “On Location,”

It’s Monday morning, I get ready to walk over to the distant mailbox to pick up my mail. It took me a while to get there, I noticed people going to work, a girl walking with her  book- bag  on her back, she seemed unhappy, perhaps forgot to do her homework or something else. Who cares I tell myself I must concentrate on walking and picking up my mail.

I open the box, the mail I expected were smiling, yes Ranu here we are, time to catch the bus to pay the bills. 

I look at my watch, the route number Two is coming in five minutes. I thank God, I’m so pleased I did not miss it. Waiting along with me are three women each doing their own thing, one is smoking, oh dear I say, second-hand  smoking is more dangerous than actually smoking. I have no choice I cannot move, it’s no use telling the woman to stop.

I see route number Two coming, I get on scan my card, turn around to get a seat, suddenly I thought there was no seat, they were full . I wait, next minute I saw a small vacant space, beside it I see a teeny tiny little girl sitting quietly. I sat down and said, Hello, her head started to lower, I’m puzzled I look at the lady sitting on the other side, she smiled, this is my daughter, she’s very shy with strangers, she won’t lift her head until it’s time to get off.

A voice in me reminds , hey you taught kids for eons, come on speak to her. I say, ‘Hi,’ It’s time for me to get off. She lifts her little head, extends her hand, I hold it and shake it, but she held on wouldn’t let go. I said I have to go, suddenly she releases my hand and raises her palm, Oh I say hi five, mom says yes, the older sister nods, we smile I get up and get off the bus.

On my way to the bank I kept thinking about the little girl and felt pleased that I spent all those years teaching little kids, they are truly amazing!

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Everyday Inspiration, Day eight : Reinvent the Letter Format

Every Day Inspiration, Day Eight: Reinvent the Letter Format

My dearest Dad,

I miss you, I cannot believe you left us when I was twelve years old. At the time I and we the younger siblings thought you will come back, I know now how childish we were. No one comes back after they take their last breath. 

When I’m alone I relive the time when I’d decide to stay home from school, the bus driver would honk louder but I’d hide and try to block my ears to try not to hear it. You would say, ‘Ranu Ma school a geli na? ( Ranu my dear won’t you go to school?) ‘

In reply I’d say: Dad I have a headache.

I never knew what you thought, you seemed to believe me and replied : All right dear!

I made these excuses because I could not finish my homework, in fear of the punishment I’d get. 

There were three excuses I made, they were: I have a headache, I have a tummy ache, and I’m feeling cold. 

You did not get angry you always said: all right my dear.

Now I wonder whether you thought  I’d never finish school or perhaps I’d change as I get older.

I wish you were alive when I finished my education and started teaching. 

Today while writing this I’m feeling that loss again and the voice which always said: all right ma!

I love you Dad.

Yours Affectionately,

…………………………………….. 🙂