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Nature's Fury,posted by ranu

Hurricane winds and snowstorm got together,

To teach us humans a thing or two about weather,

The skies in St. John’s turned amazingly white,

On a Friday when folks are not in a mood to fight

The snow came down fast recording 4cm an hour

The mighty hurricane exhibited its power

It blew away anything that came its way

It humbled the locals so much that day

They agreed to stay home and pray.

A state of emergency was declared

Some got their cameras to catch the horror

Houses broken to pieces, wind spreading terror

All I could do was repeat ninety-nine names of God,

Hoping we’d be forgiven and live to see,

Another fine day, the sun shining in glee.

Tagore Song, posted and translated by Ranu

O The Good Old Days
Alas how can one forget the
good old days of yester year
It’s all about seeing each other
Recalling the things that made us happy
we picked flowers early morning
How can we forget the
Sitting on the swing,
swaying under the flowery tree
There came a time when we were separated
We had no idea where we were
One more time dear friend
Come again
we’ll talk about sad and happy days
It will give us happiness all over again
Let us recall the memories of the good old days
to soothe our hearts!

A Poem by ranu

William Wordsworth wrote poems of Nature,

I decided to express about my stature.

In height and weight I carry no distinction,

But when I fell I was close to extinction.

As I was falling down the stairs ,

I made my plea to God Upstairs,

Please do not make me an invalid,

I promise to say my prayers

To increase my good deed.

Perhaps He heard me, perhaps not,

For I only fractured a rib and bruised my body

It could have been worse my daughter declared,

you did not break your leg nor an arm.

Now I’m swallowing pain killers galore,

And wonder when will I be able enough,

Because lying flat on a bed long hours is tough is tough!

My Unusual Experience

It was the month of November, 2018. I received my visa bill, before running off to pay, I checked to see why is my bill so high. I began checking down the line and when I stopped at a number, I nearly froze, I said out loud, why am I charged $655. 88? I only get local service from Bell Aliant the telephone company. My next question was from $87.05 to $655.80 is a huge jump. I then checked my October bill it was even higher $720.20. I realized I cannot just sit and ask myself questions. I needed to ask my long distance provider if I’m still getting service from them.

On the line was this guy who said: Your other provider de-activated our service.

My question who authorised them? I was not told anything about this change.

The guy had no answer for me. Rather than interrogate a person who had no idea, I dialled Bell Aliant, and asked what was going on. This time I had to deal with a guy with thick French accent. I knew I had to hang up and redial, hoping to get someone whose first language was English. Each passing minute was raising my blood pressure, I had lost over a thousand dollars in three months.

A female agent answered the call, I asked the same question why was my long distance provider changed without my knowledge, this agent wanted get off the phone as quick as possible, ‘O it’s an error,’ and she hung up.

I was getting frustrated each second, there seemed to be no one who could help me.

I refused to give up, I called again, this time the agent was co-operative, she told me they were investigating the matter.

I wasn’t satisfied I called again, this time the agent told me, I would hear from someone in a week’s time.

After four business days someone called me and left a message, asking me to call back, she had some questions.

I called back but the recording said, ‘leave a message, you’ll hear from the agent in forty-eight hours, because they were very busy.’

The agent called me back, I told her about my bills. She assured me they will refund my money in a few days.

This experience taught me a lesson, giving my card number, to charge it wasn’t such a good idea. There are crooks every where, if one is not careful even a telephone company can rob him/or her!

[New Post] Get Your Creative Juices Flowing With Daily Writing Prompts

One day my curiosity got the better of me and I tip-toed along the hallway in my house to watch my three younger siblings learning to read Urdu.

Their teacher was a bearded man, we called Maulvi Sahib, he had a book in front of him, it seemed he memorised the whole book. My siblings each had their own copy and were repeating the words after their teacher. Suddenly I realized my little brothers and sister could not read the words, but they repeated what their teacher was saying.

The teacher had his eyes closed and was reciting the words, his pupils were doing the same. To make it interesting he added a kind of lullaby tune.I waited for the lesson to be over, so I could find out how much Urdu my siblings learned.

Though I was seven years old, I had a pretty good idea, that Maulvi Sahib wasn’t a good teacher.

When the so-called learning was over, I pulled my sister aside, opened the book in the middle and pointed at some random words and asked her to read. She said, ‘let me go back to the first page.’

I said, ‘no, I want to know if you can read.’

My sister looked at me and smiled.

It seemed their teacher asked them to repeat the words after him, which they did, but they did not learn the alphabets. This was a waste of their time.

When I told my Dad the story, he was unhappy. He had a chat with the teacher.

Next day there was no sign of the teacher, my siblings were relieved from this fake learning. My Dad never hired another Maulvi Sahib to replace the first one.

Learning the Fundamentals, Day Eleven: Make a Prompt Personal

Day Eleven: Make a Prompt Personal

A Pondering Papaya:

One day my mom left a papaya on a plate for me. There was a whole and there was a half, her idea was if I saw what it looks like inside I will be curious to find out how it tastes. This kind of motivation never struck me. I dislike fruit.

She pleaded to the papaya to convince me. The papaya played the disappearing game. I looked the other way.

It was angry, suddenly I heard, ‘Hey Ranu, Eat me I’m healthy.’

Me: How do you know you are a healthy fruit?

Papaya: Everyone says my flesh is tasty and healthy.

Me: Really, did they say you smell?

Papaya: No, this is a dumb question.

Me: You know I am right. I want you to disappear for good.

Papaya: One day you’ll look for me in the supermarket and won’t find me, guess what I’ll say; sorry chum you should’ve tried when you had a chance.

Learning the Fundamentals, Day Six”About Me” Page.

Day Six : “About Me: Page

My name is Chaman, I’ve started blogging since 2012. In the beginning I translated Tagore’s poems and lyrics of his songs. I joined WordPress’ Blogging University and used their prompts to write stories and later poems when I felt comfortable doing so.

I love reading a variety of novels written by authors whose work I like; such as Dan Brown, Jane Austen, Roald Dahl, to name a few.

I have not tried to write a novel yet, but I do like writing short stories.

My hobby is reading all kinds of books in languages I know. I read a lot of novels in Bengali(my mother tongue) In English and Urdu.

Lately I’m busy reading: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. Sometimes I wonder why we hate, knowing we are only here for a short time, therefore we should get along. Who knows what tomorrow might bring.

I also believe, ‘Life is a Blessing, enjoy it.’ There are many ways to achieve it, by love, by kindness, by helping those who need it.

I love listening to songs. One of my favourites is : “Raindrops Keep Falling On My head.”

This is About Me for now. Hope to see you folks, have a great new year!

Three Felines

Welcome, readers; this is my story of our little fussy darlings.

Our three felines are:Sophie top left, Gabriel and Raphael, bottom left. Two felines at the bottom are Siamese. They are from the same litter. Sophie on top is rescued by SPCA. She came to us a year ago.

Lately we are having some uninvited guests, Sophie takes care of them, she’s the leader of the pack and is slowly training Raphael how to get rid of these rodents.

We’ve contacted the right humans to take care of these unwelcome guests. In the meantime our three musketeers are trying to make us feel relaxed by their intervention.

Right now this is all about our felines.

…………………………………. 🙂