What Did I Want To Be When I grew Up?

When I Was Ten I had no ambition of becoming a ballerina, fireman, astronaut or a movie star

When I was Ten years old the thought; what I wanted to be when I grew up never cross my mind. Day in and out I was either in school or doing never ending homework.

I was already busy thinking, how much homework will I get next day. My mind was overcrowded with schoolwork. To make matters worse my Dad’s motto was, ‘my children should not be exposed to radio, or they’ll never study.’

The only time I heard songs was when someone’s daughter or son was getting married in our neighbourhood. The loudspeakers were on full blast, it was an exciting time. I learned a lot of songs of Hindi movies.

When I was twelve my Dad passed away. We moved from Rawalpindi to Comilla Bangladesh. I still heard songs when there was a wedding in our neck of the woods. I showed an inclination to learn singing. My mom felt the same as my Dad. My wish died before it could flower.

I had no choice but to put my thoughts in studying those hard covered heavy books. When I reached a high enough ladder, my mind told me, with this qualification teaching would be the most appropriate thing to do. But wait a minute I said, ‘isn’t one of the prerequisite a degree in education?’

‘Yup thanks dear mind I told quietly.’ I proceeded to finish this last ladder of my ambition.

After I achieved what I needed I had no excuse but join the teaching department.

Now I’m living happily, don’t you think my good friends?


365 days, June 24th: Morality play

Morality Play

I went to a convent school in Rawalpindi. I was in third standard. We had a lot of subjects some of them were familiar. There were two that were new and quite interesting. One was Moral Science, and the other was, Good Manners.

I liked Moral science a lot, there were questions and answers that we had to learn by heart. I was never used to rote memory. We had to learn a few pages at a time and then given a test. I always scored 100%.Naturally it was my favourite subject.

I remember a few, questions and answers. One of them was : Did man make himself?

Answer, no man did not make himself.

Who then made man? God the maker and creator of the world also made man.

What is temptation? Temptation is an inclination to commit sin, which needs an effort of the will to resist it.

There were others but I just mentioned a few to let everyone know where I got my Moral Science education.

Of course my mom also taught about right and wrong.

My eldest brother always teased me when he saw my, Good manners Book. He said, ‘see how quickly your teachers knew you must learn to be mannerly, that is why you had to buy the book? ‘


365 days of writing, may 12:

Three people walk into a bar: A Newfie (from Newfoundland) a Brit and an Indian. Each wanted to be served first, the Bartender had a terrible day at home, he was not interested to have an argument with these strangers.

He yelled out in his coarse voice: What can I do for you fellas and make it quick?

The Newfie smiled and said: Was the Mrs. grouchy this morning, you don’t seem very happy, sir? I’m hungry and parched I’d sure love to wet my tongue and fill my belly with what they call food. I must confess I have two bucks on me, will it be enough?

The bartender ignored the Newfie and turned his attention to the Indian: How about you Sir, did you come to quench your thirst or fill your belly, and how many bucks is in your pocket?

The Indian felt insulted, he replied, ‘moon sambhal k bol, tu kia samajhta hai mere pass paise nahi hai? ( watch your mouth you think I don’t have money)?

Meanwhile the Brit was losing his mind, he had waited long enough, all he wanted was a glass of beer. He addressed the bartender: Listen mister before you solve their problems let me have a glass of beer, here’s the five pound note. I’m sure it’s okay.

The bartender served a glass of beer to the Brit. He turned around and yelled out to the other two. ‘Sorry guys I have nothing left to serve you, Bye!’