365 days, June 20th: Moment of kindness

It was on an afternoon in winter, I got out of my school and headed home. The strong winds and poor visibility because of snow, made my life miserable. I’d walk two steps and the wind blew me back from where I started. It takes only five minutes to reach home on a good day.

This afternoon was not normal, I was caught in a winter storm, it was difficult to hold on to my bag and the spelling test papers I was carrying. All of a sudden I heard a swishy sound with it my test papers flew out of my arm and were scattered on the street. To my utter dismay they kept flying further and further from me.

I stood there completely baffled, thinking, ‘Do I try to pick up the papers or leave them and go home?’

Nature once again played a trick on me, I couldn’t go back as the wind changed its course. I was about to walk home, when I saw a car stop and a stranger came out started picking up the papers. I was embarrassed thinking what might he think, here is a teacher letting the test papers fly away, what will she tell her pupils, ‘I lost your papers you’ll have another test?’

And I can hear the kids protesting, ‘no miss no more test, you’ll have to give us 100%.’

While all this was haunting my brain, the stranger came towards me and said, here are your papers, ‘I hope you’ve got them all!’

365 days, June 15th: Singin’ in the rain

Rainy Day

Rain as I remember was a welcome change after intense heat. Bit by bit the rain cooled off our part of the world. Rain was a gift to us from nature. It finally realized we needed a break from the intense heat.

We celebrated the falling of rain by singing, Tagore’s song, Translation by Ranu.

Before I translate, I’d like to let my readers know that, Ulala, is not part of the lyrics of Tagore.

On a crazy breeze of a rainy day,

My insane mind wakes up.

It thinks of an unknown place

where it runs towards without any reason.

Will it go back to the house


the mind says it won’t , it won’t___

it’s walls are shattered.

The intoxicating evening rain,

makes me think whose disciple am I,

My dream is surrounded by dancing drunkards.

I want what I’m not supposed to ask.

What I cannot get, where will I get!

I will not get it, I will not get it,

I’m losing my mind trying to get the impossible.


365 days, June 13th: Person of the year

Person Of The Year

I’m thinking of two persons who qualify as, “Person Of The Year,” One is Prime Minister Of Canada and the other, Prime Minister Of New Zealand. Both are trying their best to deal with COVID- 19.

Since I know very little what steps the New Zealand prime minister is taking to help her citizens, I will nominate Mr. Justin Trudeau, as Time’s Person Of The Year.

I watch the Canadian Prime Minister daily on TV, he is making sure that the citizens of his country are getting the best possible care. He does not say, ‘I’m doing a good job,’ or he doesn’t blame another country’s leader as someone who should be held responsible for spreading the virus, neither does he claim that it’s nothing and it will disappear within a week.

The Canadian Prime Minister takes his responsibility seriously not by saying how great he is, but by actually working hard to make sure certain restrictions are implemented to help Canadians.

……………………………………… 🙂

365 days, June 12th: You’ve got the power

I believe good people become corrupt when they have the power to put fear in the minds of those who work for them.

I’m thinking of leaders of countries who are made to believe they have absolute right to treat these people as slaves. As a result I see some honest citizens are converted to liars to hold on to their jobs.

I’ve watched some relatives of mine who are politicians, who have this notion that truth will not help them win an election. I know it’s a terrible thing.

If I had the power to erase corruption in the land, I want to enact a law, so that the leader is fired immediately if he or she tries to use his/ power to bully the citizens to carry out his orders.

…….………………………………… 🙂


365 days, June 9th: The Normal

There are many reasons why being normal is a good thing. One example is when one is a teacher for forty- two boys in one classroom.

This happened to me. I took a job in a Residential Model School for boys. I was hired to teach 42 boys in grade two. The school Principal asked me, ‘Do you know how to discipline kids in a classroom?’

I was surprized to hear this question, ‘I replied it depends on the kids.’

It was my first day, I did not detect anything wrong with the boys, they were quiet and I suppose they were watching me. I was new, what went through their mind was, ‘How long will it take to get rid of this teacher.’

One of the boys got up from his seat, announced, ‘You are our sixth teacher.’

I looked at him, did not pay attention and said nothing.

The recess bell rang, I heard a noise it felt as if we were having a quake, which is normal considering where the city was located. I realized immediately no it’s the boys who jumped and cleared the room in a matter of seconds.

I came out from my classroom to look for the boys, found the gym teacher next door who told me how bad they are and he had to discipline them because their teacher could not.

I understood why the Principal asked me if I was capable of controlling a room full of overactive seven year old boys.

The Principal’s question and the seven year old boy’s statement aroused my mind. I felt I’ve seen how my mom disciplined us when we behaved badly. But we were twelve, eight sons and four daughters. I had to deal with 42 boys which is almost four times more.

Next morning I found them more energetic than the previous day. I told myself if I’m unable to put these hooligans where they belong I do not deserve to be in this profession. I checked my watch, the bell will ring in five minutes I thought, I must think of something. I checked my watch second time. The boys were stunned when I told them, ‘If anyone stands up after the bell rings, there will be no recess for you for the rest of the school year.’

The bell rang, no one moved. I asked them to stand beside their seat and wait for my instruction. They did what I wanted them to.

From that day they were never unruly and I did not have any problems.

Those boys were not normal, and if I didn’t correct them. They would get worse each passing day and eventually become a threat to the school.

Being normal is not a bad thing as we can see how the world is suffering because of abnormal leaders.

…………………………………….. 🙂

365 days, June 8th

Do Not Disturb: Privacy

Managing privacy is not easy,

Using my nickname is one option

the other perhaps staying away

from social media

If nothing works become a hermit

live in a remote island,

And build a thatched house.

It sure is one way to

manage my privacy.


365 days, June 6th: Four Stars

Write a review of your life____ or the life of someone close to you___ as if it were a movie or a book.

My Life A Review

I grew up in a fairly large family. My brothers outnumbered my sisters. I didn’t mind this inequality. I played with my brothers more.

In school my favourite subjects were Spelling and Moral Science. Both helped me score more than my classmates.

At home I became the leader for my younger brothers to explore the area slightly beyond our house.

In the evening I spent time working on the never-ending homework which warned me do it or be ready to suffer the consequences.

My life was all pleasure in between some serious chores which only I, according to my parents was worthy of trusting.

My two older brothers, would taste the cream floating on the milk, this was an errand mom would rather have me do, even if I had to be awakened from the afternoon nap.

We were a happy family, mom cooked the most delicious meals on the planet which I along with my beloved siblings believed.

This lavish living turned our world upside down, on a sunny morning when all mankind were doing their own thing. Our beloved Dad’s health took a serious turn from which he never recovered.

We became orphan overnight. Mom lost her smile, we were at a loss thinking how can we survive without Dad. Slowly and painfully we pulled ourselves together and prepared to leave our most favourite city forever.

Destiny put us in a small town, where we started our life . It was painful but we had no choice, how could we, the change was so drastic.

My siblings and I concentrated on our education, I was in sixth standard in my previous school. There was a school where the medium of instruction was English, I could not register as I was in a higher grade.

The school was started by Catholic nuns they started with grade one, it had been four years, and they only had up to sixth grade.

Rather than do nothing I prepared to sit for the matriculation examination as a private candidate.

I passed the exam and registered in a local college. I started taking my studies seriously. I did not burn the midnight oil but enough to complete my education successfully.

After completing my education, I started thinking about work. I realized to teach, I need an education degree. I went to Lahore, Pakistan, to finish my education degree.

I returned home and taught for four years. I received a scholarship to study ‘Teaching English As A Foreign Language.’ After finishing my course, in London, England. I came back, taught in a school for a year.

I immigrated to Montreal, Canada, to join my husband, who was an Ophthalmologist in one of the hospitals.

From Montreal we moved to Gander, Newfoundland. I taught in an elementary school for several years.

Then we realized our kids would benefit if we moved to St. John’s when they were ready for higher studies.


365 Days, June 4th : Red pill, blue pill

If you could get all the nutrition in a day with a pill___ no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation___ would you do it?

I don’t know if a mere pill can be a substitute for a variety of foods we consume in our daily life.

Globally I doubt man will invent a pill that will be enough to satisfy billions of people living on our planet.

We have different tastes, some of us like rice as the staple food, others like bread. Our eating habit depends on what can or cannot be produced according to the climate. We are creatures of habit and it’s impossible to change our eating habit with a pill. The pills we take normally is to prevent certain diseases. Besides pills taken these days have side effects which results in a host of other problems.

I think of myself when I tried to stop my hair from falling by taking a pill. It not only made it worse but added allergy to the list of my problems. The immunologist I went to told me, ‘you do not have any allergy, go ahead and eat anything you want.’

I could not rely on her diagnosis and chose to leave out certain foods that can cause a person allergy.

I’d rather take the trouble of shopping, cooking daily to prevent me from taking a pill that may give me a whole slew of allergies. I’ll vote No for pills.

…………………………………………….. 🙂

365 days, June third: Tourist Trap

File:Pharwala Fort.JPG

Rawalpindi a city in Pakistan is the place I loved, I wasn’t a tourist but went there with my Dad because he was posted there. We met a few serious obstacles on our way there. I will not remind myself about the trials we faced for it sure will put a damper on my beloved Rawalpindi.It is a beautiful city in Pakistan.

It has a long History of nations occupying it, but remains untouched. We arrived here when everything seemed perfect, the people the landscape it was almost like a paradise on earth.

I studied in a school where the motto was, ‘spare the rod, spoil the child.’ It did not matter the teachers were awesome, they taught us beautiful songs I hum even today.

In the morning I was in school, afternoon was adventure with my three younger siblings.

We had a race course nearby our house, we could watch horse race standing at the back of our house.

Each day we discovered a new place. One day we landed in a place where there was a huge outdoor gathering, some of the people were frying parathas in large woks. They were celebrating Muharram and we were offered these tasty fried breads that kind of resembled tortillas but tasted heavenly.

Another day the four of us walked at the back of our house and saw houses, in one there were some plants, they looked interesting. One of my brothers plucked one to bring it home. He was caught by the owner, we ran away leaving him there to get the punishment he deserved for being so naughty.

He wasn’t punished but was allowed to bring it home, when they found out our Dad was an Assistant secretary in the ministry of defense. If my Dad ever found out about this incidence, I’m sure we’d be grounded for the rest of our lives.

We were children and God knew we meant no harm, therefore we were forgiven I guess.

If I was given the choice to go for a trip, Rawalpindi would be the place I’d visit.