Blogging 101,Day Nine: Get Inspired

Today’s assignment: Write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday. Don’t forget to link with the other blog!

One of the blogger’s I met is Mireille, her post title is , “Mireille’s Journey To Health”, this is her link

I liked her post, here she emphasizes on food. She says starving to get skinny did not make her happy, she decided to look after her nutrition and what are the foods that works to have a healthy body.

She also mentions she has a family history of breast cancer , she’d like to avoid any negative impact on her own health.

In my comment I wrote she made a good choice by thinking about her health. There are so many products in the market, it’s confusing.

It’s inspiring to note her journey to health. She stays close to nature, she eats natural food, she also uses household products and deodorant close to nature.

When I read her post I realized how we are introduced to new products every day. It’s not easy to pick what is good for us.Years ago they told us coconut was bad for us. Recently they are claiming coconut oil  is the best thing for us, we can use it  in cooking, we can use it as a moisturizer.

Now they are telling us Canola oil is bad for us, and we should stop using it to cook food.


Blogging 101, Day Eight: Be a Good Neighbor

Today’s assignment : leave comments on at least four blogs that you’ve never commented before.

I am lucky to find four blogs that I’ve never commented before. The first one I found is “Urge to Wander”, I liked the quote she used in memory of her friend Christine. Her friend passed away a year ago, the quote was published on the first anniversary of her passing. I didn’t write a long comment but wrote what I thought was appropriate.

Second blog I found and clicked follow is ,”Along the side of the road.” Her post’s title is : S.M.A.R.T.– Not just for goal setting. She has some neat ideas which I think is valuable.

Third blog is Mireille’s Journey To Health, it seems from reading her post she has finally decided the proper way of looking after her health, good nutrition, and hygiene.She likes natural foods.

There is a recipe included for DIY deodarant. I might try it when I get the ingredients.

“Kate’s Clippings is the fourth blog I clicked to follow and left my comment.

I’ve done my assignment. I am pleased to find these new bloggers, their posts are interesting and have lessons to learn not only for me but others as well. 🙂

……………………………….. 🙂

Blogging 101: Week end post

This is a post about my favorite sport, “tennis, ”  this was an anxious week -end for me and my daughter. Sunday was the day the final men’s  tennis match was played in Wimbledon, London,England. The players who reached the final was Novak Djokovic from Serbia and Roger Federer from Switzerland.

Each player had won the famous trophy more than once. Novak was going for his third trophy and Roger for his eighth . Both are excellent players and anyone of them were capable of winning the match.

This time I decided to watch the match regardless of who wins. The first few games were pretty even, after each scored six games there was a tie-break, Roger made some unusual errors which cost him the set.

The second set was equally competitive they tied at six games all, the tie break followed and Roger won the second set. I was happy I thought Roger had a chance to win.

There was a rain delay of twenty-five minutes, when they came back Roger did not seem himself he made too many unforced errors which cost him the second set followed by the third and eventually the match, I was disappointed, consoled myself by thinking Roger would do well in the next tournament.

Wikipedia image



Centre_Court_roof.jpg (1024×683)

Blogging 101,Day Four: Identify Your Audience

Today’s assignment: publish a post you’d like your ideal audience member to read, and include a new-to-you element in it.

Today I have chosen Rabindranath Tagore my favorite poet to write about. Tagore’s poems and song lyrics portrays everything from nature, to human misery, to happiness, he has covered it all.

I will write his poems and song lyrics which is all about nature. I am positive, he felt the same as William Wordsworth who wrote and I quote here: The world is too much with us ; late and soon, getting and spending , we lay waste our powers: Little we see in Nature that is ours; we have given our hearts away, a sordid boon.

Tagore loved Nature which is why he hated to study in an enclosed building. Humans should have the freedom to enjoy nature. With this in mind, he built the school named, Shanti Niketon(house of peace) here students studied outdoors, they had the freedom to move around.

Tagore loved children, he wrote song lyrics and poems with children on his mind.One reason could be he lost his mother when he was very young, this probably encouraged him to write poems about the interaction of a child with his/her mother.

I have known Tagore’s poems from a very early age, partly because the poet and I speak the same language i.e. Bengali ,I lived in Bengal, my parents were Bengalis. I am very fond of poetry and Music, Tagore’s work provided all of that.

Today I have embedded  a children’s song , the lyrics are written by Tagore. The subject is “Freedom”.

This is my translation:

Let us have freedom,do not hold us back

just like the birds in the woods that  fly around happily

Like the heavy rain, that falls without resistance

Like the  bondless  clouds and wind that move around in the skies

Like the dance of the firewood that encircles everything

Like the thunder that roars from the cloud

Like the roar of uncontrolled laughter where there is no barrier.

Let us have freedom, do not hold us back!


This is my day four assignment. I have tried to attract those adults who are children at heart as I am.

…………………………………………….. 🙂



Blogging 101, Day three : Say Hello to the Neighbors.

Today’s assignment: follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs.

I followed five new topics they are :1. Manufacturing Inc. Meetings

2.   Banks

3. hot days and photographs included

4. Challenge quotes

5. Anglo-Swiss’s visit from Switzerland to Germany

I enjoyed reading all the topics , I was tempted to join the quotes challenge I’m already three days late,   maybe I’ll try later.

I found out from one of the topics , Scotland is having a week of warm days, 27 degrees Celsius. The author included his photographs which are colorful.

The author whose post was about Banks, reminded me how banks are making money with our savings, and we get very little as dividend.

Manufacturing Inc. meetings was very interesting, the author’s description of the setting and the people in it, their conversation, gave me a glimpse of what goes on in these meetings. I know it’s fiction.

Now I must look for blogs I’d like to follow.

……………………………………….. 🙂


Blogging 101,Day Two: Take Control of Your Title and Tagline

Today’s assignment: edit your title and your tagline.

My title: Garden

Tagline: A thing of beauty lasts forever

When I edited my title and named it Garden, there were two things that crossed my mind, one is my name means “Garden.” Secondly it’s the most appropriate title I could think of . My mother once remarked, a person’s name tends to influence his/ her personality.

I do believe a thing of beauty lasts forever, although the garden loses its splendor in the winter, esp. places where the snow covers everything with its white veil, the memory lives and awaits the change of season when the gardens will once again have the opportunity to come alive with flowers, butterflies and children. Nature will  show its beauty in the form of colors.

Wikipedia image

TajGardenWide.jpg (448×289)





Blogging 101,Day one: Introduce yourself to the world

Today’s assignment: Write and publish a “who am I and why I’m here” post on your blog.

My name is Ranu, I am a Bengali from Bangladesh. My Father was Abdus Sabeth and my mother was Tahira Khatun. I am my parents seventh child.

In my country we all have two names, one is used at home and among relatives and the other is used outside home i.e school , certificates. It’s considered a formal name.

Like others in my homeland I too have two names, Ranu is my nick name and Chaman is my name which is used in my certificates and other documents.

When I started blogging I felt comfortable using Ranu as my user name.It’s short and easy to pronounce.

I studied in schools where the medium of instruction was English. I was able to take my mother tongue  Bengali as one of the subjects .

I am blogging publicly because it motivates me to write. Before becoming a blogger, I did not write a personal journal, I did not think about it and was not interested.

My blog’s focus is mainly on writing fiction, sometimes I like writing recipes, I also like translating poems and song lyrics of Rabindranath Tagore. He was a famous Bengali poet. I enjoy reading his poems listening to his songs and translating them, my aim is to let other bloggers enjoy Tagore’s poetry and songs, which is why I like translating them.

There are a few sports, I am interested to watch, one of them is Tennis and other is Ice Hockey, especially when my favorite team  or my favorite player is playing.

In Tennis my favorite players are  Roger Federer among men and Maria Sharapova among women. If they lose early in tournaments, I’m disappointed and lose my interest.

I love cooking spicy food, and have posted some recipes on my blog.

I’m also participating in online courses since 2011, it is the study of Allama Iqbal one of Pakistan’s most favorite and well-known poet and Philosopher. It is offered by Khurram Ali Shafique, he has devoted a long time studying about Iqbal and is the perfect facilitator for all of us.

Lastly I’d like to write about  my blog name  Sabethville, I  used my father’s last name Sabeth and added ville to it.

I hope to meet a lot of other bloggers and also read their posts.

…………………………………….. 🙂