Daily Prompt : Spike

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Spike

I bought a piece of flank steak a few days ago. I wondered how will I cook it, will I bake it, fry it, or simply boil it. None of these methods sounded right to cook this piece of meat,  then thanks to my active mind I came up with a solution I liked but what about my readers will they approve?

I picked up the flank steak

I decided it’ll  be fine to make

Sheesh Kebab I said out loud

This made me so good and proud

I started cutting square sized pieces

Soaked them in lemon and spices

Let them marinade for few hours

Gave them time to consolidate their powers

To make them immersed in a spicy meat sauce

It was then time to skewer them meats and sauce

On our small  revolving grill

Which did its job it was a  thrill

To watch the Spiked skewers

Cooking kebabs for us lovers

Who went berserk waiting

We couldn’t wait to be eating

Those delicious grilled Kebabs

Intended for the Bengali Sahibs!


…………………………………. 🙂



Daily Prompt: Fry

In response to daily post’s one word prompt : Fry

The Wonder Child

This is the story of a wonder child,

He was sweet and had manners mild.

One day he was crawling on the kitchen floor,

Where his mother was  roasting a wild boar.

To get mother’s attention he  got a piece of paper,

He started chewing it to show mom he liked the flavor.

‘Oh no!’ said mom, ‘this is what you do with this,

You write here the alphabets, that look like this.’

She started concentrating on the roasting she started,

Turned around to see what the child imparted.

To her dismay she saw those alphabets copied,

She thought it wasn’t her tyke, but who she worried?

She took the paper and wrote words to see,

Sure enough, it was her Fry, she noted with glee!

…………………………………….. 🙂



Daily Prompt : Chuckle

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Chuckle

An Unforgettable Dinner!

Once a while ago, I cannot recall whether I still was a student or teaching, when this incident happened. I was in Dhaka and my brother Rafique was working in Sylhet. Suddenly he decided to come to see me in Dhaka at my Uncle’s home. My Uncle was excited, he asked me what type of food he liked. I said,  ‘He loves Hilsa fish.’

This fish is one of the boniest fish, one that is hard to eat because of the bones. All my brothers disliked it, so mom was unable to get it. I loved it and didn’t care about the bones. Since most of my siblings did not like it I never got to eat it as much as I wanted.

It was a grand opportunity for me to make Rafique eat it, I knew he wouldn’t complain. My Uncle got his servant to buy the Largest Hilsa fish from the shop. He wanted my brother to have a treat, not knowing Rafique hated this fish

There were several dishes made from it. Pilaf with Hilsa, it was fried, cooked in gravy, it was a day of Hilsa galore.

The table was set, the food was served, we sat down to eat, my brother, uncle and I . My uncle was beside himself, he decided to serve my brother first, a huge piece of the fish, then the rice dish with  fish.

My uncle sat down and took some of the food in his plate, as he was eating he was keeping an eye on my brother, who was slowly taking out the bones and didn’t show much enthusiasm about the main dish. I was having a great time eating my favorite food.

At one point my uncle whispered,   ‘I don’t think your brother likes fish.’

I chuckled, ‘no uncle he loves it, he’s just shy.’

When he heard that, uncle put some more fish in my brothers plate. I wanted to burst out laughing, but controlled myself, I knew uncle would not appreciate this kind of joke.

When I asked my brother, ‘did you like the fish?’

He said, ‘it was good except there were too many bones!’

………………………………….. 🙂


Daily Prompt : Opaque

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Opaque

Each morning I dread watching the opaque sky,

I wonder what’s happening up above I sigh!

Are the Angels and demons having a fight,

Will they drop their arsenals with their might?

What will become of us I’m frightened to think,

Will mankind float or they’ll just sink?

These queer thoughts keeps me awake,

I  cannot understand what more I can take!

……………………………………. 🙂

Daily Prompt : Jolt

In response to daily post’s prompt : Jolt

I remember riding many times in our popular train, ‘The Green Arrow,’ why they named it so, I have no idea. Once on my journey to Comilla, Bangladesh, from Dhaka city, the train was moving along smoothly suddenly I felt a jolt and the train came to a screeching halt.

Then as it happens  normally the passengers got out and were running helter- skelter to know why the train stopped so unexpectedly, no one was telling us anything. We only assumed there was something wrong with the train.

Hours later an announcement was made that there was an accident and the train would be delayed. In the meantime my mom and siblings heard there was an accident, but which train, they didn’t know.

My mom sent my brother to the train station if there was any news, but the station master could not provide any details.

My train was expected to arrive in Comilla at 11am. It was well over that time, my mom was scared, she expected the worst. Still she kept hoping I was safe.

It took almost twelve hours to reach Comilla, normally it took four hours.

I was completely exhausted, my brother  went every hour to find out if the accident involved our train, no one gave any positive reply, so he’d come home and would return to the station because mom sent him back. Finally when he was informed the train was about to reach Comilla within the hour, he stayed at the station.

I got out of the compartment tired and sleepy. I couldn’t wait to go home and lie down. My mom’s face told the story, she was happy to see me, the hours of waiting so many hours took a toll on her!

……………………………………… 🙂



Daily Prompt : Climbing

In response to daily post’s prompt: Climbing

The Rising Star

In sports there are many players, only a few successfully climb the ladder of success, within a few years. One such player is Roger Federer. He is a tennis star and has won many grand slam trophies in his young life.
He is a talented player who makes his game look easy by the way he plays it.

Recently he won the Australian Open Championship by beating players who were ahead of him in ranking. He was unable to play for six months in 1916 due to back trouble,  which brought his ranking down. This year 1917 he managed to go up in ranking, he played a few tournaments but already won three or four tournaments.

He is a very popular player, he has many fans who come in droves to watch him play. I hope he’ll play a few more years and entertain us by his stylish play.


Daily Prompt : Cranky

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Cranky

We have a very irritable Cranky cat

His voice is coarse and I call him a brat

When he’s cross he climbs up the shelf

And he makes himself look like an elf

We warn him to come down or else we say

He will be  sorry and remember this day

Nothing bothers this grumpy feline

I wish I could give him away so he’d pine!

……………………………… 🙂


Daily Prompt : Measure

In response to daily-post’s one-word prompt : Measure

Measure is an important word in our life. When we cook a dish we make sure the ingredients are chosen carefully to make a tasty dish, if we forget one important ingredient our dish loses its taste.

This discussion of taste takes me back a few years. My sister had invited some friends for dinner. One of the dishes was Pilaf, the main ingredient here is Rice. After she finished cooking it, she let our cousin taste it and give his opinion, I can still imagine his face when he asked, ‘You don’t use salt in this dish?’

Of course salt happens to be the one ingredient necessary for this dish and my sister forgot it. She didn’t have enough time to cook this dish again, but did not want to leave it salt free. She figured out a way to put the salt and was successful.

When we measure someone’s intellectual ability we make the person go through a series of tests, like we did when I was teaching in school. The reason was the administrator decided, since not all children though of same age can comprehend the lessons taught, i.e the slow learners, they had to be put into groups: A B C D . Though we did this on a regular basis. Somewhere in my mind I thought this process did not give valid results. Some children are stressed when they hear the word Test, they normally do not do well.

We measure success by the results of people, it may be an athlete, a teacher, a student or even a chef. I’ve seen some challenges on the food network, there are good chefs who come from known restaurants, some are chopped in the first round. The reason once again they are given a certain amount of time to prepare a dish, with the most unthinkable ingredients.

If you fail to measure the right amount of ingredients to bake bread, you will end up with bricks. It is a true story.




Daily Prompt : Timely

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Timely


The Fox And The Chicken

‘Hello,’ said the fox to the little chicken

‘Your arrival here is so timely I reckon

Hunger is making me lose my mind

Can I ask you if you will be so kind

To let me take you to my little den

Where I have a huge collection of wren

They were friendly and wanted me to eat

To gobble them one at a time as a treat

When other wrens see me they fly away

They curse me and loathe me every day

My stomach is empty there is no food

If you come to my den, I’ll be in a good mood!’