Daily Prompt : Rapid

In response to prompt : Rapid

My Little Comilla!

Comilla is a small town in Bangladesh, this is what it was called small. It was a safe town when we first came here from the big city Rawalpindi in Pakistan.

My Dad liked this little town, it had good schools and a very good college. Before he died he told my mom : If you plan to go back to Bangladesh this is the best town to raise the children, it has everything that a big city has. The plus side is, the  cost of living is reasonable.

We were not impressed, because we missed our home in Rawalpindi. We saw nothing that caught our attention, I was always criticizing everything. I had trouble accepting the food that was available, I made fun of the onions sold by the hawker, they are too small, their language is funny, people are nasty they call us foreigners, we were the symbol health, because we were too skinny, perhaps mom didn’t feed us. We disliked them for making fun of us.

I studied privately at home, I couldn’t register in any school, their medium of instruction was Bengali, I studied in a convent where the medium of instruction was English.

My eldest brother bought books for me to prepare for matriculation exam as a private candidate. A year later I passed the exam, and registered in the local college. My classmates were not that great, their question: tumi bangla jano(can you speak Bengali), bothered me.

If I said ‘Yes,’ they’d make a silly face.

This isn’t what I expected in my motherland.

Years later when I went back to my little town, everything seemed different, the town was overcrowded, the clean quiet town was bustling with people and shops. I could not recognise it. 

To me it felt as if the town went through a rapid change. This swift change was mind boggling. I could not wait to leave it, it was unrecognisable, it was no longer m y Dad’s favorite quiet place!

…………………………………. 🙂

Daily Prompt : Flaunt

In response to prompt : Flaunt

Nature’s Flaunt!

Each time we ignore Nature,

It shows off  its strength

by bringing in the blizzard,

We are stuck in our house

praying for it to stop.

When we become too complacent

It strikes its magical wand

with a twister.

It seems telling us humans,

You cannot flaunt your power

as much as I can!

………………………………… 🙂



Daily Prompt : Bubble

In response to prompt : Bubble

The sales woman was bubbling with enthusiasm, she could not wait to let the customers know, everything in the store was on sale.

When the rest of the customers ignored her, she turned to me. She was speaking in French, which in  itself was a problem for me. 

She failed to ask me if I understand and speak French, which to tell the truth is negligible. She kept on and on until she ran out of words to impress me about the huge sale. When she finally stopped to take a breath, I said: Sorry dear I did not understand a word you said.

The second sales girl came to her rescue : What she said is everything in the store is on sale.

Oh thank you I replied, I only came to buy One thing!

………………………………. 🙂

Daily Prompt : Tide

In response to prompt : Tide

Time And Tide!

I remember in my school, the teacher made up a song about tide. We loved  singing the words together, we had no idea what the meaning was, like parrots we repeated each day, ‘time and tide waits for no one.’

Now I realise that we ought to use our  time wisely, like the  tide it will not wait for us!

…………………………….. 🙂

Daily Prompt : Observe

In response to prompt : Observe

Did You Observe!

Observing everything around me is not my greatest strength. If by some mysterious force I manage to notice, it stays with me forever.

I remember the time when I   saw a girl in my class wearing a three strand necklace, I was five years old, that memory still has a place in my heart, I loved it so much.

It’s been a long time, but I mentioned about this fabulous jewellery to my cousin in-law, she immediately got up and said, ‘wait I’ll be back in a few minutes.’

When she came back she was holding a three strand necklace,  ‘this is for you.’

It made me happy to see  a necklace that I wanted for a long time, Thank you God,’  I whispered.

Once I observed a sari, I did not know the guest wearing it, like the necklace it lodged in my brain, I kept thinking, I wish I had one exactly like this.

I asked my friend to buy one for me, she did get one, it was not the same. I told myself it’s okay if I cannot have one like it. It was so pretty.

Years later the same cousin-in-law paid us a visit from California. As soon as she arrived she said,   ‘Chaman, I have a  gift for you.’

When I opened the parcel I  smiled to see, an exact same sari the woman was wearing at the wedding. My cousin thought I didn’t like it, she offered to give me one of a different color.

I held the sari and said, ‘No this is the one I wanted all these years!’

…………………………………….. 🙂

Daily Prompt : Abrupt

In response to prompt : Abrupt

An Abrupt Question!

The little girl asked me abruptly, ‘Miss do you like teaching?’

Before I gave my reply, she hopped, skipped and vanished.

Although I couldn’t answer, it made me think. Do I like my job? I was unable to come  up with an answer.

For days I pondered, times I thought,

What a sudden question I have no doubt.

I took a while to find a proper reply,

I’m sure she’d wonder and say oh my.

Then she’ll suddenly say, ‘Do you like us?’

Instantaneously I’ll  say, ‘little girl it’s yes.’

She’d break into an unstoppable laughter,

And unexpectedly say,  ‘I’ll also become a teacher!’


Daily Prompt : Astonish

In response to prompt : Astonish


The kids can easily astonish us by the way they express themselves. One boy in my fourth grade asked me : How many of these do you have?( he meant the sari I was wearing).

I said: what do you mean?

He replied : Every day you wear a different one.

I smiled and said  : I have a few.

Do you have a thousand?

We are getting late for Music class, I had to change the subject!

…………………………….. 🙂



Daily Prompt : Tantrum

In response to prompt :  Tantrum

Raphael’s Outburst!

Raphael our feline is one of a kind,

His sudden tantrum can blow your mind.

He’s restless and naughty who likes to have his way,

If you try to contain him he’d have plenty to say.

When he’s hungry his meow sounds like Mom,

He’d rub your feet which is his way to charm.

Once he gets what he wants, he’ll ignore you,

Which makes me dislike him which  is true.

If you happen to visit him in our house,

He’ll make sure he’s as quiet as a mouse!

………………………………… 🙂