Everyday Inspiration, Day Seven: Let Social Media Inspire You

Day Seven : Let Social Media Inspire You

Out Of Five Tweets I Chose: : “I can’t decide if procrastination kills creativity or is essential to it.”

_____Grant Snider

This is the question I asked myself many times, as I grew older and perhaps wiser, I realized, procrastination does not kill creativity, it is sometimes necessary.

Let me give you  an incidence I had recently, I selected one prompt out of six, I thought I’d have no trouble writing this one. 

When I started writing I could think of nothing, the deadline was passing, I decided I’d ignore it and think about it. 

I felt hopeless and decided to sleep over it. Suddenly I heard my mind telling me, ‘why don’t you write about your own experience.’

Next morning I opened my computer, thought about my assignment, but this day was different I had no problem I could write a few pages with ease.

Sometimes we overload our brain with anxiety which only causes more stress. If we give more time it works better, so delaying to do something does not necessarily kill creativity!

……………………………………… 🙂

Everyday Inspiration, Day Six : The Space to Write

Everyday Inspiration, Day Six : The Space to Write

I write on my laptop in my bedroom, I like it because I have everything I need there. I do not think I am away from civilization. I can make my bedroom noisy or quiet I want to. I have a TV which I turn on when I feel I need some humans to prevent me  falling asleep when I am writing.

I spend most of my time in my bedroom, it’s not too large. On its left I have a small black table, it is full of books and note books. Next to it is my laptop, a tiny table with my telephone, and on the right is my queen size bed, with a green cover and a large pillow. 

Further to my right is a larger table, it too holds my books. A large window next to it gives me the sunlight, when it’s not cloudy. Still on my right is my dresser where I have my clothes.

I’m not sure my bedroom is an ideal place for writing, I’m used to it, I started an online course in 2011, blogging in 2012, I did all my writing here. Six years are a long time, any change of place at this time may not suit me. I am happy to continue writing here.

………………………………………. 🙂


Everyday Inspiration, Day Five: Hook ‘Em With a Quote

Day Five : Hook ‘Em  With a Quote

Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for she was born in another time.

___ Rabindranath Tagore

I read a lot of quotes of many authors, this one awakened my mind. The poet is right to caution us how we ought to teach our kids.

Two days ago I saw a boy hardly four was busy with his cell phone, though I don’t know whether he was writing a story or playing a game, what amazed me is the fact he knew how to use it.

I compared him to me, when I was that little, I doubt I knew the word telephone, today I watch and see little kids around me with a telephone, either talking with his friend or doing  a crossword puzzle.

We still can guide the little ones about the world of today, but it’s better to let them learn their daily studies as they please, I suppose this is what the poet is telling us to do!

…………………………………. 🙂



Every Day Inspiration, Day Three: One-Word Inspiration

Day Three:  One-Word Inspiration

When the world says, “Give Up,” 

Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.”_ Author Unknown

Today I choose hope out of the six prompts I’m given

Each time I want something I think of belief,

Next question is faith the only way to  realize my dream?

The reply is no it’s not a good enough reason.

I was twelve, I lost my father, I left my most

beloved city because Mom wanted to go back 

to her roots where she grew up with her family.

within six months we landed in Grandpa’s 

house, this is where I spent nearly a year

Mom was happy, we the siblings explored

Grandpa’s village and were happy.

There was no school to go to, 

no fear of the nun for spending our 

days idly, in the middle of all this,

my mind was pre-occupied with 

the longing of studying in England,

perhaps it was a lofty dream,

given the fact I was in grade eight

when my father died, I didn’t even 

complete High School, how dare I have 

this ridiculous ambition, 

around that time my little 

sibling won a lot of money in 

‘get a word,’ competition, he offered to

pay for my trip, I instantly refused,

my wish is to win a scholarship,

which I knew was possible if I continue

my studies and reach a point where I 

can apply for a scholarship!

…………………………………. 🙂








#Everyday Inspiration, day Two

#Everyday Inspiration

Day Two: Let’s Write A List

Things I wish

  1. Children are never separated from their parents
  2. There is no discrimination 
  3. World is a  safe and happy place
  4. Humans will be kind to each other
  5. Humans are  responsible for the planet
  6. Universal health care
  7. Children should get warm food in schools
  8. Education  is free
  9. Wealthy humans should pay higher taxes
  10. There  is no cruelty to animals
  11. This is my list

……………………………………………….. 🙂

#Everyday Inspiration, Day One, Why Do I Write?

Day One : Why Do I write?

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword’ is an adage coined by English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839, indicating that communication, or in some interpretations, administrative power or advocacy of an independent press, is a more effective tool than direct violence.

I believe writing helps me to express clearly which a violent weapon cannot. I know writing is powerful,   politicians  are afraid of press which is why they call it ‘fake News,’ which convinces those who either are blind followers or do not understand the words in print.

Our sub-continent achieved independence with the help of  powerful writers like Tagore, Iqbal, and other writers, they did not use weapons to drive our foes away, they used their writing to convince the masses  to understand their  poverty will not disappear  as long as they’re inactive and blame their fate for their condition. 

God wants us to use our intellectual power to change our lives. Violence will never help  change our current situation.

The politicians put   fear in the minds of innocent people, they tell them everything the press write is fake news!

……………………………… 😦





Every Day Inspiration, Day Twenty: Wrap It Up

Day Twenty: Wrap It Up

This is the second time I did this course. I found it a bit easier,  I was not so confused with any of them as I did when I wrote it before.

I remember taking a while  to figure out,Day Five: Hook ‘Em With A Quote,’ this time I felt I knew what I was supposed to do.

I think I did better this time, because I knew what to expect. I left out day nineteen, I didn’t want to repeat what I wrote  before.

I enjoyed writing every day. I also learned a few more things, that I hadn’t when I did it the  first time.



Everyday Inspiration, Day Twenty: Wrap it Up

Day Twenty : Wrap it Up


On day seventeen, I wrote about St. John’s, NL . For Day Twenty ,Wrap it Up, I’ve chosen to redo, A Map As Your Muse.

My previous post was about St. John’s, I realized after I posted it, I had written plenty about the city, but failed to recognize the town of Gander. It was the place where we came first and spent a lot of time there.

It was where I started my professional career as a teacher. I met some awesome kids who were delighted to see a teacher who came from a different place, a place they never heard about until they met me.

I was strict and loving depending on the circumstances, when they gradually understood what I like and dislike, they co-operated with me wholeheartedly. This is not to say, there were no rebels in this tale of perfectionism, there were and they did not hesitate to let their feelings known.

I took their attitude with a grain of salt. There is no perfect world with perfect people, why must I as an adult think children should be perfect.

The school where I taught was only two doors from where I lived, we bought the house from the manager of the bank who told my husband he should buy it because it would be convenient for me.

On one of our quest of looking for a house, we passed by it, my husband pointed out the house Mr.Walker was keen to sell. From the outside it wasn’t impressive, I didn’t want to see what was inside. My husband insisted and I reluctantly came out of the car on a cold March day. We rang the doorbell, Mrs. Walker let us in, what I saw mesmerized me. No wonder they say,”Do not judge the book by its cover.”

I told my husband, ‘We do not need to see another house, I like this one, let’s buy it!”

We told Mr. Walker we’d buy the house and we did.

Below is the picture of the house.We spent many years in this house, we loved it. Since the winter in Gander was snowy and cold, my husband had a garage built which was attached to the house, to avoid the accumulation of snow on the car. The garage was useful for storing the snow blower, the lawn mower and other things that were not possible to store in the house.

We had a gorgeous hedge in front of the house, one summer there were a lot of worms that killed the grass and the hedge. We were able to restore the grass with the help of, ‘Weedman,’ the lawn care people, but gave up trying to have a hedge again.

After a while when the girls were ready to go for higher studies, we sold our house and moved to St. John’s.

Our house in Gander


Everyday Inspiration, Day Seventeen: Map As Your Muse

Day seventeen :Map as your muse


Wikipedia image of St. John’s N L, Canada

St.John's_NFLD.jpg (2433×504)

This is the map of St. NL. Somewhere here, is my home. The population of the city is 277,701, according to the census of 2015, whether it has increased or decreased in a year is hard to figure out.

It’s the oldest city in North America. The summers here are cooler in comparison with the other cities in the mainland, Canada. The winters are colder and longer.

Our people are friendly always ready to help should the need arise. In the city our transportation is Metro bus, the drivers are friendly and welcome us whenever we travel by bus.

It’s very different in Montreal, the city where we visit quite frequently. The bus drivers here are unfriendly and are not ready to help should you need them, it’s more apparent when we speak English.

The last time I tried to ask a question, the driver’s angry face frightened me. It was my fault I spoke English, then again I didn’t try some of my French vocabulary, such as, ‘Bonjour Monsieur, je ne parlez pas francais. Good day sir. I do not speak French. It probably might  infuriate him more. I’m guessing, perhaps they’re not that bad.

Coming back to my favorite city, St John’s we are pretty laid back, nothing bothers us, we’re never in a hurry, sometimes even at work.Unless like the umpire in a tennis match, we get a code violation,like you’re allowed twenty five seconds to get a drink, one extra second can cost us a point, any longer, a game, any argument can cost us a match, this is tennis, in reality I find a lot of people take their time getting back to their office when the bell is rung, announcing the fifteen minutes break is over, get back to work. Some don’t care the gossip they started is not finished, they need five extra minutes.

All in all we are a  very relaxed bunch of people and we avoid confrontation.

…………………………………… 🙂