#Everyday Inspiration, Day Nine: Writing and Not Writing

Day Nine: Writing and Not Writing

There are a few things I do during the day to balance my life. Part of the time I spend praying as it’s one of the most important thing which gives me solace and also helps continue my day to day activities.

Sometimes my curious mind wants to peek into the world of news. In order to do that, I find myself stuck in the disgusting fake news, and promise to make the world a better place. Sometimes it gets so nauseating, I look for some kind of balm to give my mind peace.

One such thing is listening to music. It’s the best remedy to relieve my mind. I feel for all those citizens who are trying to tolerate the voice that ring in their ears all hours of the day and night.

Moving on I take a few minutes to keep me fit, I walk, do a few yoga steps to avoid being a couch potato.

Cooking is another thing which occupies my day. Sadly the meat, vegetables, even dairy doesn’t taste the same. Mankind has changed everything to make money while endangering our health.

Then there’s the fear of Qovid-19, what we can and cannot do which has taken over our daily lives. Most of us obey the warning of the epidemiologists. But there are others who’ve made their own rules and are happy to believe it’s nothing but a flu’ that’ll disappear in no time.

I fear to think how these simpletons have a restful night knowing thousands are dying, while they follow their fake politician.

Finally I agree with Alexander Pope’s words____ “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”

…………………………………. O……………………………..

#Everyday Inspiration,Day Eight : Reinvent the Letter Format

— Henry David Thoreau

Day Eight: Reinvent the Letter Format

Dear Mr. Thoreau,

I picked your quote, “Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence.”

I write this letter to thank you for your words of wisdom. It matches with my feeling.

After completing my education, I made up my mind to teach children from five to nine year old. My first job was to get some experience teaching young children. I realized I made the right decision.

I moved on to have further experience in teaching in a boarding school. The experience was helpful, however I wasn’t happy with the administrator whose way of treating teachers was way out of line. I knew then, I could not continue in an atmosphere where the word respect had no value.

However I enjoyed teaching in North America. The children were respectful, I loved them all, except there were some who had no regard for anyone, teachers or their fellow pupils.

I loved teaching my little pupils. They were thrilled to have a teacher who came from a different part of the world.

They were generous with their gifts in all the holidays.

Among all your quotes, the one I chose seemed to tell me, ‘pick me I’m the most suitable for you.”

Before I end this letter. I must admit I love your poetry too.

Thank you,



#Everyday Inspiration,Day Seven:Let Social Media Inspire You

Day Seven: Let Social Media Inspire You

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you have now was once among the things you only hoped for.

__ Epicurus

I wonder when I read the above, why we humans are never satisfied with what we have. It is true there was a time when I was not that aware of things like clothes. Eventually it changed I had a longing for pretty sarees. This passion led me believe I didn’t have enough.

But now I look at them and wonder why I bought so many, it no longer appeals to me. I gave away brand new expensive ones to women I hardly knew.

I do not have that desire anymore, so Mr. Epicurus I got your message.

…………………………………….. O…………………………………….

#Everyday Inspiration,Day Six: The Space to Write

Day Six: The Space to Write

I am satisfied staying in my home; where everything is ready for me to write. Though sometimes this bed of mine is not so comfortable as one would think.

At this time of worldwide pandemic, staying at home gives me the feeling of safety, which I cannot find elsewhere.

Why do I write is a question I want to answer. I think writing gives me peace of mind, it let’s me put in print, various obstacles in my life.

Writing also keeps my brain active, which I think is important for me.

……………………………………………… O…………………………………….. 🙂

#Everyday Inspiration,Day Four: A story in a Single Image

brown tabby cat on white table
The Tabby Cat

Her colour is brown and she is very pretty. The image of this cat is exactly like the one we had a few years ago.

My daughter named her JD, she was a little cuddly kitten when she arrived at our house. I was fascinated with her and tried a number of times to pick her. She’d have none of that, her paw automatically stretched out warning, ‘do not touch me.’

I ignored and tried to touch her. She realized I won’t give up. She decided to hide. I looked for her, called her name, but there was no movement.

I don’t know why I took a candy and started removing the wrap, the squishy sound got her attention, she came out trying hard to open her eyes, to see what I was up to.

I clearly remember the day she had to be taken to the vet to be spayed. After the surgery I got a call to pick her up. The vet reminded me to keep her away from climbing the steps for fear she might break the stitches.

I put her in a room in the basement and closed the door. That afternoon my husband asked where was JD. I told him I had to put her in the basement room to avoid climbing the stairs.

Immediately he went down and opened the door, JD made a heartbreaking meow sound, my husband told her, ‘No one will ever put you here.’

I do not know what message JD got. But from that moment they were the best friends, until she died. ‘Rest in peace JD was all I could say.’

……………………………………… O………………………………… 😦

#Everyday Inspiration,Day Five: Hook ‘Em With a Quote

Day Five: Hook ‘Em With A Quote.’
“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

__Bernard M. Baruch

I like this quote, it gives me a lot of pleasure. I always followed my mind. I have a sibling who is too particular of her attire. I think she loses a lot of sleep over what she’d wear, what looks good etc.

These are some things I find is a waste of time. Her idiosyncrasies at times rubbed me the wrong way. For instance she said, ‘Ranu do not tell anyone you have a B.ED degree’

‘Why?’ I said.

‘People will make fun of you.’ was the reply.

I told her, ‘I do not care.’

When I completed my education, my eldest brother forced me to apply for a job where my sibling was the principal. I told him I will not accept the job if I get it.

My aim was to teach in a school, but my brother thought, there’s a huge difference between teaching in a school or in a college.

‘Do you like the title school teacher or College lecturer.’ He said.

‘I’m not concerned about titles, I want to do something that pleases me, I’E, teach young children.’

The result of the interview was out, I was selected to teach in the college. I turned it down, much to the dismay of my brother.

I didn’t mind the rules and regulations of the schools where I studied. We had to wear uniforms, I did not have any problems obeying the rules.

I have no issues wearing a mask when I go out in public in this age of pandemic. Those who break it are not only endangering themselves but the whole community.

As long as I’m comfortable with the decisions I make, I’ll always be myself, regardless of what people think.

I came to this world alone and I’ll leave it alone. I see no harm living my life the way it suits me.

……………………………. O……………………………..

Everyday Inspiration

Day Three: one-word Inspiration: choice

Choice is ringing my ears,

Please don’t bring me to tears.

Keep up with my education was my choice,

Hoping I won’t hear a negative voice.

There were obstacles galore I kid you not,

Mom and two brothers helped a lot.

Then came the decision to look for a job,

Unwittingly I picked one which made me sob.

All is not lost I consoled my troubled mind,

It’s easy to quit, an excuse surely I’ll find.

My lone judgment cost me two years,

Which I could have used to study M.ED.

But I knew ‘Man proposes God disposes,’

A very meaningful image crossed my mind.

Based on my choice other troubles arose,

I couldn’t suppress for they’d only get worse!

……………………………… 0…………………………………….. 🙂

Everyday Inspiration, Day Two :Write a List

Things I wish:

I begin with this quote: If wishes were horses beggars would ride.

Yet I wish I could go back to my childhood days.

Watch my Mom cooking.

Meet the milkmaid who gave me cup of free milk.

Ask subedari( name of our maid) to teach me serious pushto(A language spoken by Pathans).

Tell Bari( our servant) to stop sleeping on the race course grounds.

Argue with our gardener also a jockey why he did not win the horse race.

Tell the vendor at the gate my Dad does not wear dhoti.

Sit on our lawn and entertain my father with gibberish.

Seek my father’s help with some Urdu words I could not read, so I could finish the book before my classmates.

I wish to hear my father calling Ranu ma I need your help.

My brother asking me to bring him a cup of tea.

My mom telling me, ‘you must eat the food I packed for you.’

You see these are wishes that cannot or will not come true.

………………………… o……………………………. 🙂

Everyday Inspiration, Day Eighteen: A Series of Anecdotes

Day Eighteen : A Series of Anecdotes

Build a narrative of your personal growth!

You may never believe this, but I do not recall having birthday parties for me or any of my siblings. I have scattered recollection of anecdotes before age seven. One day my friends who were sisters, introduced me to their cousin, she was older than us.

They pointed at me and said : ‘You know they are Muslims.’

You may never believe what the cousin said : ‘You must never talk like this about anyone!’

You may never believe when I was seven, our neighbours raised their head from the wall that separated our houses, it was a warning: ‘Leave the house now, the riot has begun.’

You may never believe, all of us walked out of the house with a small suitcase, there were no clothes in it,  the suitcase had Mom’s Holy Quran and other religious books.

You may never believe the words from a man on a bike, he noticed the door of the house open: He screamed, ‘Loot the house, loot the house.’

Further down the road, some men smiled and said, ‘Where are you going?’

We continued our journey, stopped at a place which seemed safer, where my Dad hired a few horse driven carriages. We stopped in front of red Fort, where there were tents, the staff told us to make ourselves comfortable in one of them.

You may never believe we spent two days in the tent. on the third day we found out we’d go to the train station for our  journey.

There was a lot of shooting between the Indian army and those who wanted to stop the train. We managed to go forward until we reached the border. There we met a lot of smiling faces, who gave us water and food.

You may never believe we stayed in the train station for the night. Early morning  a man took us  to another platform, where waiting for us was a train ready to take us to our destination.

You may never believe I never had a birthday, I did not know what birthday parties look like. I sure had the darkest experience of riding a train where any time we’d face death!

…….………………………………. 😦