Five Sentence Fiction: Fresh

Lillie McFerrin Writes

The cold crisp sunny morning was a blessing after days of continuous rain, Patricia  called her cousin Tracy, to find out if she’d be interested to go for a walk,Tracy was thrilled by this offer, Tracy met Pat at her house.

Both looked as fresh as a daisy, the weather makes such a difference to everyone’s mood, they decided to walk to the strip mall nearby, there wasn’t much happening inside, the sun shining after so many days must be the reason, there were fewer  people inside.

Pat and Tracy grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down in a corner of the coffee shop, they were so deep in conversation they failed to notice Tracy’s friend Mark, who  had come to get a cup of coffee and sit outdoors on a bench, when he saw Tracy, he came to say Hi, but did not like to disturb them, besides he didn’t know the girl with Tracy and turned around to leave.

He was about to open the door to go out when he heard Tracy, “Mark” she called, “come here and meet my cousin Patricia”.

Mark came back, after the introduction, Mark sat down, he told Tracy he was offered a job at a posh restaurant to play the piano, it was a decent job so Mark was happy to take it, Patricia who had no idea what Mark did for a living could not stay quiet any longer, “Are you a pianist too, she exclaimed?”

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Fiction: Forgotten


Lillie McFerrin Writes


Five sentence fiction: Forgotten

When Mark heard about “Dodo birds”, he wanted to find some pictures and was eager to know why they were extinct.

He found out they were once found in the Island of Mauritius and were birds that were unable to fly.

He gathered some information about their height, they were one metre or ( about 3.3 feet) tall , they were hunted by Dutch sailors and were killed by animal predators, their eggs were eaten by these terrible creatures.

Mark found pictures of these birds and had a very attractive album of these birds that were no longer alive, every day he looked at his collection and felt proud at least in his world they were not forgotten.

He proudly displayed his dodo album in the school auditorium, everyone congratulated him for a job well done, it made him happy to see his hard work was appreciated!





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Fiction: Bedtime

Lillie McFerrin Writes

“I am so sleepy I wish I had a bed to lie on,” cried Amelie!

Amelie’s mom did not understand why her daughter wanted a bed to go to sleep, ever since she was born only place she knew was the floor and a torn sheet where her mother always laid her, then she noticed a piece of paper with the picture of a bed, where did Amelie find this she wondered?

When she asked her daughter why she talked about lying on a bed, her daughter told her she has a friend, her name is Julie and that Julie gave her the picture of a bed.

Next morning Amelie brought her friend Julie to their little hut, Julie loved it, she thought it was the most beautiful home she saw, “this place is so pretty,” she said.

“It’s not as pretty as your home, said Amelie, you get to sleep on a bed at bedtime!



Fiction: Offering

Lillie McFerrin Writes


Selima’s daughter had an exam, she was concerned for she didn’t spend enough time studying.

She requested her mother to pray that she is successful, it was an important exam, if she did well, she’d have a chance to qualify for medical school.

Selima sat on the prayer rug and started praying for her daughter, she promised she’d donate some money to the local orphanage.

The results were out her daughter Neela was unsuccessful, Selima was disappointed but kept her promise of giving the gift to the Orphanage.

Neela questioned her mother about the donation, Selima said, “I’ve realized I must not make my offering as a bribe to God for something I want!


Five sentence fiction: Fresh

Lillie McFerrin Writes

It was a fabulous morning, not a cloud in the sky,everywhere she turned she saw beautiful green shrubs and grass, the flowers were in full bloom, showing their assortment of colors, how could she Nina stay inside the house, she dressed up in her gorgeous blue satin dress, but as she was about to step outside the door, she thought of her friend Penny, I must give her a call she thought.

She went back and called Penny, Penny was busy reading her newest novel, She answered the call and found Nina at the other end inviting her to go for a walk, her immediate reaction was to refuse, but she couldn’t, Nina was always a  good friend, she did not like disappointing her. She got ready and headed over to Nina’s house, she found Nina all dressed up, “What’s the occasion,” she exclaimed !

“Nothing silly, I got this new dress yesterday and wanted to wear it, besides it’s a lovely day, everything looks so gorgeous, do you like my dress she asked?

“Yes, I love it, you look beautiful,Nina!

They had not gone too far when suddenly a raven perched on the light post above, cawed and then the worst thing happened, it’s dropping fell right on Nina’s head and her dress, it was awful, she ran back to her house and started weeping!

Five sentence fiction: Trust

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Far away near the mountains of the Himalaya there lived a sage,he spent his day, working hard for those who were poor and down-trodden, most of the people around that area came to visit him daily, for he was someone they could rely on.

One morning fifteen year old Samia went to visit him, she had heard so much about him, she made up her mind to ask him a few questions.

She found the sage sitting on a mattress with his eyes closed whispering to himself, she gently knocked his door and asked to come in, the sage opened his eyes, seeing a young girl at his doorstep surprised him, he smiled and said, “yes you can come in, what brings you here?”

Suddenly Samia felt scared, she wanted to see him but didn’t know what she could ask him, she had to say something anything now that she was there, she couldn’t stay quiet, it would look terrible, she hesitatingly asked him, “Sir what motivates you to be so kind?”

The sage looked up, he was almost spellbound, he looked at her again, “my child he said, I have seen so much misery around me, I feel if I can do something for anyone here I must, God is great, He sent us here for a short time we all are expected to be kind and helpful, He trusts us to help our fellow human being, I am trying to do my part in this world!”


Fiction: Irritation

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Anne wanted  to  host a party  for her friend Cecilia and husband Harry as a going away present, she called her cousin Francine to help her organize the event .

Francine took the responsibility of decorating  the house, Anne got busy making a list of foods she’d serve, the only problem she was facing was her aunt Millie who found out  about the party, and zoomed in out of nowhere, insisting she had the most amazing idea for the party.

Aunt Millie was not the most ideal person for Anne and Francine to get help from, the situation was tricky they couldn’t say no, but didn’t want her presence either,they knew she was disliked by most of the people in their friends’ circle.

Anne and her cousin were discussing about the seating arrangement, Anne thought her friend Sylvia was a good friend of Cecilia and Harry, so she decided to put her beside Cecilia.

Sylvia was one person Aunt Millie disliked, when she heard her name and found out she was invited, Aunt Millie was so furious she stomped out of the house!






Fiction: Flight

Lillie McFerrin Writes

This week’s word: FLIGHT


Amanda and her brother John were playing on the sand in the beach, John loved the bright blue sky , he looked up and saw a bird soaring above in the sky, he was excited, he ran to his sister, he called, “Mandy, look at the bird, up in the sky , isn’t it gorgeous?”

In the evening John’s mind was occupied   about that bird he saw, he wondered if he could also fly like that bird, his parents noticed John, he was never so quiet, what happened at the beach they asked him: ” I saw a bird way up in the sky, do you think I can travel through the air like it?”

At first the parents were confused by his question, then the mother said, ‘yes we can also fly by plane!’

“It’s not the same, I want to feel the air like the bird!” he replied.

John’s interest in flying introduced him to ‘Hang Gliders’,he knew he was not old enough but he’d gather enough information about hang gliding, years went sailing by he did not give up his thirst, this was going to be his career, eventually he became a seasoned competition pilot in hang gliding,his passion took him to many places, one day Amanda saw a hang glider in the sky, she screamed, “look Mom I can see John Hang gliding, Wow!



Five sentence fiction: Hunger

Lillie McFerrin Writes

My friend Nasreen is a voracious reader, any book I give her she reads without reading the title.

To test her I gave her a cookbook, it had recipes of a variety of foods, she grabbed it and began reading from the first page, I thought this is an odd behavior, no one I know reads a cook book unless he/she is looking for a particular recipe.

Morning turned to noon, it was lunch time Nasreen never put her head up,she was totally immersed, I called her a few times she just made a peculiar noise.

I was so annoyed I snatched the book from her, this surprised her, she said: Did you not want me to read this book, I was enjoying it, I tried to see if reading about food will arouse my hunger, my mom tries everything to make me eat, but I always refuse.

I apologized repeatedly, I didn’t know she had an eating disorder!



Fiction: Confusion

Lillie McFerrin Writes

It was the first day of class, the university was buzzing with first year students, there weren’t enough volunteers to direct the traffic in the overcrowded building.

It was Marcy’s first trip in the city which to her seemed too large, she came from a small fishing community in Fogo, she found a small corner in the corridor sat down and watched all the other students running helter-skelter, is this what university is about she asked herself?

Suddenly she heard a voice from behind, “are you lost, I’m Socrates, you might think who named me, well who else my parents they think the name might influence me to be a Philosopher, did you ever hear such a thing in your life?”

Marcy was tongue- tied how will she respond, there were a million words in her brain, she was unable to speak, Socrates knew the girl was too shy to speak, to make her feel at ease, he told her where he was from and what he wanted to study, he certainly was not in favor of studying Philosophy.

His lighthearted conversation helped her relax, she said very softly, “my name is Marcy,this is my first visit in the city, I like you, I want to be your friend.”