DP Daily Prompt : Clone Wars Post by Ranu

English: Logo of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Fra...

English: Logo of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Français : Logo de Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It is simple, I’ll split my mind into two one will do all the inside thinking such as spiritual and the other one will handle the outside world ,which probably will be tougher. I will handle the spiritual side and the clone will take care of the worldly affairs,i,e, all the cooking,cleaning ,buying groceries etc. I t will be fun,provided the clone co-operates. All the struggle will take place inside!


DP Daily Prompt: Unknown caller post by ranu

Unknown Caller:   Door bell rings: A stranger makes an appearance.

Ranu: Yes what can I do for you?


Doorbells (Photo credit: ☃)

Stranger: Is this your house?

Ranu : Yes it is.

Stranger : Someone called me to start delivering,’The Evening Telegram’.

Ranu: I am sorry, I did not ask anyone to deliver a newspaper.

Stranger: But would you like me to?

Ranu: No,thanks,I can get my news from television and I already pay for the service.

Stranger: Please can you help me,I have started the paper route today.So far I am unable to get any customer.

Ranu: Listen, let me make it clear to you.You rang the doorbell and lied to me.When you realized it’s not going to help,you are pleading to buy your paper.I cannot help you,this is all I’ll say.Goodbye!

DP Daily Prompt: Miliion Dollar Question posted by Ranu

Why Do you blog?  Blogging has taught me a lot.At first I wanted to see how it’s done.I did some research on various communities.This is something I wouldn’t have done.I learned from this. I enjoy Writing about my school days.I started to translate poems of Tagore,which I wouldn’t have done.The Daily Post is also encouraging me to keep on blogging.The topics are interesting and challenging. I love this part.I constantly think what to do next.These are some of the reasons I blog.Otherwise I would be bored,watch hideous T.V shows,to keep busy.This way I am using my brain wisely.

Daily Prompt—Daily Post :Happy,Happy,Joy,Joy Posted by Ranu

Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore (Photo credit: Cea.)

As human beings we cry more than we laugh,probably it’s our habit, we do not appreciate the things we get and never think about them,we tend to think it is our right and it is not that big a deal,when we receive something. So when the question arises when was the last time I was deliriously happy,I had to go inside my brain to find out.

I was requested by a friend of mine to translate Tagore’s poem. This was something I did not try,because I was not confident and also afraid I might make a mess of it.At the same time I was not ready to admit I could not do it.

I leafed through the pages of Tagore’s collection of poems and spotted one that seemed one I could dare to try:

The title is:  “Remember” by Tagore

I do not have any recollection of my mother.

only when I go out to play I hear a tune ringing in my ears,

the sound mixes with my mother’s words in the middle of my game.

I wonder did my mother sing while rocking my swing___

My mother is no longer here,but she did not forget to leave her song .

I do not remember my mother.

In  early morning in September the white flowers in the garden,

are swayed by the wind which  spread their scent wet with dew;

why does my mother’s words echo in my mind;

perhaps my mother’s scent and the  basket of flowers came into contact ,

with the scent of Pooja  flowers and came to me.

I only remember my mother when I sit in the corner of my bedroom;

and I look at the sky,instantly I feel my mother is looking at me;

she left her look all over the sky to remind me of her presence.

When I completed the translation,I published it. My friend’s comment was very generous and his comment gave me the feeling,he has read the Bengali version.The truth is he is not a Bengali.Therefore I was proud and happy that my first attempt was okay.I translated it in October  2012.It was a memorable day for me,my joy knew no bounds,I was very happy after a long time.