DP Writing challenge :Mind the gap Post by Ranu

I have a strong feeling  against movies that have far too much violence. I have witnessed the trend towards violence in kids as young as nine years old.Some imitate this in real life. I have taught nine year olds and I have seen how they’ve changed. Once I asked them to write stories without adding violence in it. They complained it was the best thing. Thinking it might be because boys love fighting and they prefer to write fiction where they can include violence, when I asked how many girls would like the same thing,to my utter disappointment all of them favoured it.

Waheed Murad

Waheed Murad in the 1966 classic movie Armaan ...

Waheed Murad in the 1966 classic movie Armaan (1966 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I got to know Waheed Murad,when I accidentally Saw his picture while watching

my favourite Bengali movie.

As I did not know who he was I decided to check it out.I found out this was a

clip from the movie Doraha.The singer was my favourite Mehdi Hasan.I listened

to the song which had  amazing lyrics,and the singer what can I say was

one of the best.

Then amazingly enough began my story of Waheed.Although when I found

out about him he had already bid good-bye to this ungrateful world of ours.

My mission was to find every single movie,I was only able to get a few.

If I didn’t know what the word  ‘ Talent ‘ means,I most certainly do now.

In his movie

Waheed Murad flirting Shabnam in the song Kuch...

Waheed Murad flirting Shabnam in the song Kuch log rooth kar bhi… in Andleeb, 1969 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

,he was an uneducated Rickshaw driver.If I hadn’t read his biography

before,I would have thought he was probably an uneducated son of poor parents.But I knew

He was highly educated and an only son of very wealthy parents.

In every movie I saw his acting was believable i.e,he was able to do full justice

to the part he played.

I know in India Dilip Kumar  was and still is very popular,among  his fans.But Waheed

In my opinion  had the looks,the pronunciation and softness of heart

which anyone would love to have.He was as unique as his name suggests.

I probably can write volumes about him,But I will close by saying,he was

one legend who was misunderstood.Although I wasn’t able to write all this

when he was alive,but I really will say this,”I am his number one fan”.