#Shaping Your Story, Week Three

#Shaping Your Story,   Week Three

In my week two #shaping your story, I wrote about Ramadan and the day after. It’s the day when fasting is over and Muslims all over the world celebrate by having a feast with friends and family.

I got an invitation to attend the dinner to celebrate Eid after a month of fasting. when the time for me came to get dressed and visit the friend’s house, a telephone call changed everything, our good friend of many years suddenly passed away. The invitation did not take place. It was time to visit his family to give them moral support.

I think the angle that illustrates my story is why my dinner invitation did not take place.



Shaping Your Story


Ramadan is  a fasting month that comes once a year. This year we started it on May 16th. Not all Muslims around the world started it on the same day. We were given a calendar from the local mosque, according to them, we were to start on the date I mentioned, regardless of the fact that others started a day later.

A month before  fasting, I got an eerie feeling will I successfully begin and end the month?

June is a long month for fasting in our city, we finish eating by 3 AM and continue until sunset, at this time, food or drink is not allowed.

So far I managed to fast nineteen days and I hope I’ll continue until it’s over.

Each morning I read the Quran after I finish eating. It reminds me I’m only here for a short while, the real place is hereafter. I try to think back if I have accumulated enough good deeds to get a place where I will not face any hardship.

It doesn’t matter what I think,   it’s up to God who decides our fate.

Fasting is one of the good deeds, I hope I can complete it  successfully this month without problems!

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#Shaping your story, Week four, Crafting A Scene

#Shaping your story, Blogging University Course

A Meeting With A Cardiac Surgeon

A good doctor’s comforting and reassuring words are sometimes more powerful than medicines.

Tired of waiting to see the local Surgeon in St.John’s Newfoundland, my husband went to see his friend who knew a Cardiologist in London, Ontario, Canada.

His friend said, “you don’t look well Ali, you must see a physician soon. I know a Cardiologist in London,Ontario. I will make an appointment for you.”

The friend got an appointment for my husband. We left St. John’s On the first week Of February, 1997. We checked in at a local hotel in the evening. The following morning we went to see the Cardiologist. He was a nice man who assured my husband the Cardiac surgeon would be able to treat him.

The Cardiologist  arranged  an appointment to see  the surgeon next day. We arrived at his clinic early that morning, we were greeted by his secretary, who led us to his office.

Sitting at his desk was the Cardiac surgeon, looking at some papers, we stood quietly and hoped he would look up and offer us to sit.

He   stood up , looked at us. We waited for him to speak.

He checked the file again and said:

“If I take you to the OR for surgery tomorrow, you will be dead, and I will have to talk to this person. Continue with your medication.”

He then walked with us as far as the door.

My husband and I thanked him for his time and walked out of the  clinic. We asked the secretary to call a cab for us.

From the clinic we went to the Cardiologist’s office. My husband apprised the Cardiologist  of the outcome of the meeting with the surgeon.

The Cardiologist advised my husband to get in touch with the staff of Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, United States.


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The Month Of Ramadan

#Shaping your story

Each year before the month of fasting begins I’m scared thinking would I be able to fast for thirty days? The days are so long, what will happen.

These are the thoughts I had this time too. The first day I felt a little sick, later in the morning I felt better. I was proud of myself for completing one whole day. The next day and the next felt the same sick early morning and felt better after a few hours.

After the first few days, I had no more problems. The fact I could fast for thirty days in a row was something I felt proud of.

After Ramadan comes the month of Shawwal, during this month if we can fast for six days, we get credit for sixty days, so fasting thirty days during Ramadan and six days in the month of Shawwal, these thirty six days is equal to a whole year of Sawab in Arabic.

Sawab means a virtuous deed, a religious deed.

Today is my fourth day of fasting in the month of Shawwal. Fasting gives me a great feeling, apart from virtuous deed, it also helps me  control my craving for junk food.

Besides I’m told fasting is good for health. To me it gives my organs time to deal with the food already there, overloading them will mean extra work for the heart, the kidneys and I presume helps to bring down my blood sugar.

With all these advantages I’m getting, I may fast for three days each month to help my organs function without problems. It also cleans my mind of bad thoughts.