Lillie McFerrin Writes

I had three cats,when I saw them first,I wasn’t sure I’d like them ,I told my daughter to take them back. Then the most amazing thing happened I started watching them, they are cute I thought, I want to keep them.

I kept JD ,Thursday and Alex, each morning JD would first meow and jump on my chest and look at me , it was as if she was saying,”Get up Missus I’m hungry,” I’d get up and feed all of them my husband would laugh and look at me.

We had them for fifteen years, JD developed cancer, I was so sorry, she would sit and look at me, she stopped eating, my husband would go and talk to her,she’d look at him and drop her head on the pillow.

Then the dreaded day came when JD was not moving, we brought her to our living room, at 6 P.M JD meowed softly and all was quiet, I cannot explain how painful it was to watch her completely still!

SPEAKEASY #141 A magical Journey

Gavin and his sister Beryl were the two survivors of a car crash. It killed both their parents. They sat in front of their house mourning their loss.

A man in Khaki suit came with some papers for them to look at. Gavin who was older asked,  ‘what are these?’

The man replied, ‘these papers are from the court. It is a notice to expel you from this house.’

Gavin was speechless for a few minutes, he stood up and said, ‘why do they want us to leave this house.we have nowhere else to go?’

Sorry the man said, ‘I am doing my duty.’

Thus began the terrible journey of their life. They were homeless, starving and cold. They looked around to find some kind of shelter but there was none. They were tired and hungry. They sat in front of a house to rest. The housekeeper kicked them out. They got up and continued to walk.

Beryl asked her brother, ‘Gavin if we pray to God, do you think He will help us?’

Beryl’s words brought tears in her brother’s eyes, he said, ‘I don’t know  Beryl , do you think we are good kids?’

Beryl started to cry, ‘I wish we were, now God won’t help us either!’

A passerby heard this conversation he stopped and said, ‘children are always good it’s the adults who are not.’

”Then why are we homeless and hungry’, Beryl cried.

‘You’ll be okay, I promise you little girl, now I must run along I have things to do.’

The two continued their walk. Things were the same. They got no help . The weather got worse.  High winds were blowing and snow started falling again. It seemed even nature was cruel, there was no break insight.

Their walk took them to a strange place. There were a lot of people singing and dancing.  Gavin and Beryl stopped. They were curious. ‘These people are happy’  Beryl said, ‘let’s find out why, then we can be happy too.’

Gavin spotted the passerby in the group. They went closer to the group to be certain. Sure enough it was him. He was singing,the people were dancing.

All of a sudden the scene changed.  The weather changed,the sun came out and it was warm.  The group was  not dancing any more they had baskets of food for everyone there. Gavin and Beryl joined in and for the first time in a week, they had something to eat. After the meal,  Gavin and his sister were alone. All the people disappeared.

‘Gavin do you think it was some kind of magic?’

‘I have no idea,but it sure feels it was, Beryl.’

They started their walk again this time they met a gypsy.  She was not friendly. They asked her if there was a place they could rest. She ignored them and disappeared.

‘Are we in a land of magic Gavin?’

‘Why do you ask?’  He said.

‘People we met disappeared,it can only happen in a magical land I think.’

Their journey took them in front of a hill. They climbed up, they couldn’t believe  what was down the hill.

Gavin said, ‘it looks like a fairy land, I want to explore it.’

‘Okay’ Beryl was happy.

Down the hill they went. They met Alice, she was arguing with March Hare. At the next stop was Willy Wonka showing his Chocolate factory to the golden ticket holders. Then Gulliver and the Lilliputians were eating and drinking.

‘I love this place’,Beryl said.

‘Who’s there. ‘ a mean woman shouted.

‘It’s us’ Gavin replied.

‘Get out of my property’ she said.

‘Did I hear someone trying to get rid of my friends? Big bellied Santa came out of  North Pole and screamed. He was joined by Alice and her group,Wonka and the five kids and of course Gulliver and his Lilliputians.

‘Today is a day to celebrate Christmas and New Year, this day no one will go hungry and homeless.’  Santa said.

‘Now let us join together to sing a song of Christmas and New Year.’

Santa was the leader and he said, ‘one two three  we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!’

The mean woman stood in silence.   There was nothing left for her to do but walk away.

This is my story for SPEAKEASY #141

Merry Christmas And happy New Year to everyone.

DP Daily Prompt: Out Of Reach Ranu’s Post

Three Strand Pearl Necklace with Tiger's Eye

Three Strand Pearl Necklace with Tiger’s Eye (Photo credit: orangejack)

When I was in grade two I saw a three strand necklace worn by one of my classmates.It was the prettiest thing I ever saw. I wished I could have one like it. I did not mention it to my parents.I always thought one has  to be rich to have a necklace so beautiful.

I wasn’t old enough to know how much it was. I did not think of asking my parents to buy me one . Even at that age I felt,my other sisters might like one too,can my parents afford three. So I gave up the idea.

When I grew up that necklace stayed in my inner thoughts,I’d tell stories about it to my friends and family. Once my sister-in-law came to visit us from Los Angeles. I told her about it. Suddenly she said,”wait a minute Chaman,I’d be right back.” She went to her bedroom and came back with a three strand pearl necklace and said, “here this is for you.”I was very happy. Getting a three strand necklace some day did not cross my mind!

SPEAKEASY 137 – Lemonade Girl

“Good news.   I got my transfer order. ” My father announced, “We’re going to Victoria, British Columbia!”

My sisters and mother were thrilled, “When are we leaving?! ” they asked.

“When will we stop moving?” I asked, upset at the thought of being uprooted.

“Maybe some day soon.” My father said gently.

He put the “For Sale” sign on the house the next day.  I stared at it sullenly.  Now I had to leave my friends all over again.  “There are many sacrifices to make,”  Mom lectured, “this is part of growing up.  You learn to adapt to whatever the future brings.”

Three weeks passed.  We sold our house, packed up and were ready to leave.  I didn’t want to move but I was a nine-year old boy, I had to go where my parents took me.   Mom registered us at our new school.   Wearily, I sat in a classroom of strangers.

Months passed and I started settling in.  On the walk home from school one day, my friend Michael told me where to get the best lemonade. I wasn’t a big fan of lemons, but I agreed to check it out.

That’s when I saw her, hard at work.   There was a sign in crayon on the table, hardly impressive and yet,  the line was getting longer.  Curiosity got the better of me –  I fished through my pockets for some change.  I gave her a dime and she passed me a cup. She smiled and said “Thank you” – suddenly, the sun was shining a lot brighter.  As soon as that refreshing elixir slid down my throat I knew I had discovered something incredible.

I was there every day, standing in line for a few sips of the magical potion and her pretty smile.  Twelve lemonades later, I learned her name was Sita.  She was eight and dreamed of managing her own store one day.  We became good friends.  Sometimes I sat with her and helped her at the lemonade stand.  It was set up in front of her house, and when all the lemonade was gone, I would help her carry in the giant orange pitcher and paper cups.  Then I would walk home with a little skip in my step.

“You’re in a good mood,” my mother would say as she prepared my supper.

“Must be all that lemonade he’s been drinking,” my father said with a grin.

The school year ended and summer began.  Sita and I continued to run the lemonade stand, but now it was a joint venture. I borrowed one of Mom’s pitchers and bought more supplies so we could keep up with demand.   Business was good and the summer was passing blissfully with shared dreams of lemonade domination.

One afternoon in late August, as I walked up the path to Sita’s house, I saw her father hammering a sign post into the front lawn.   Curious, I paused to look more closely.  My eyes began to water as he swung the sign around and I read the letters…”F-O-R  S-A-L-E”.

Sita stepped out of the house.  “You’re moving?” I said with a lump in my throat.

“Yes. Daddy has a new job.”

I didn’t wait for more, tears streaming down my face, I turned and ran back home.

“What’s happened?  Are you okay?” Mom said with a worried look.  In between sobs I shared my devastation.  She held me in her arms, “Don’t cry darling.  These things happen.  Everything will be fine, you’ll see.  We must adapt to what–”

“I don’t want to adapt!” I screamed as I ran to my bedroom.

I saw Sita the next day,  there was a sorrow hanging over my head that I could not shake.  I knew they would be leaving soon and I would never see her again.  Sita was optimistic, she said that once we grew up we would manage our own store and everything would be perfect.  I looked at her with pity and the wisdom of one who was a year older.  Two weeks later, they moved away.

Years passed and Victoria became my permanent home.   I was in college now, that first summer forgotten until I drove past my old neighbourhood.  There, in front of a familiar house were two kids selling lemonade.  Instinctually, I stopped and bought a cup for fifty cents.  One sip and I was hit with the memory of Sita’s pretty smile.

“From that day forward, every time I drove past that street corner, I thought of her.”


NaBloPoMo a fiction Post by Ranu November2nd 2013

A fairy offering wishes, illustration by John ...

A fairy offering wishes, illustration by John Bauer to Alfred Smedberg’s The seven wishes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dream Fairy

Dream Fairy (Photo credit: Alexandria LaNier)

Far away in a small village there lived a little boy with his parents. He was a happy child.His parents noticed he had little or no strength to do anything. He could not play with boys his age. His mother was afraid to let him go out and play with the boys in the neighborhood.

His mother told him stories of angels and fairies. she told him one day a fairy will come to play with him and take him to fairyland where every thing will be simple,he will never be sick.In the land of fairies,they help each other with their magic   wand.Once they touch you with it you will feel well and never get sick again.

The boy fell asleep listening to Mom’s stories. He dreamed he was in fairy land, Each time he felt sick, a fairy would touch him with her wand. He was very happy,he did not have to take any medicine,a touch of the wand would cure him. he wanted to spend his life with the fairies.

There he met a kind gentle man who listened to him,and assured him he would take him to the leader of the fairies and request her to let him stay in fairy land.

Suddenly their cat meowed loud,the boy woke up.He found himself lying in his bed.He was so disappointed he called his mother. He said,”Mom you told me I’d be able to live with the fairies,why am I still here?”

The mother was devastated ,she had no answer for her son,she looked at him and said, “Every day I ask God to make you better,it has not happened yet.I try to take your mind away from the pain you are suffering,this is why I tell you these stories,so you only think of good things,like fairies angels,love and happiness. I am so sorry to disappoint you. In life you will face disappointments,things will not always go your way. Still I want you to be happy and try to ignore the pain by thinking of good and happy things”.

DP Daily Prompt: Bookworms Post by Ranu

Nigerian farmers working in field in Middle Belt

Nigerian farmers working in field in Middle Belt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The word I found is ‘Nature’.I did a Google image  search of the word. This is what the image is. I am looking at it.On the ground is a large piece of land.The place is quiet,there is no movement on the field.I am imagining it to be a farmland,the farmers have left after planting the crops.The division of the field into rows gives the impression.

In the background there are many large trees, in between there is a path,perhaps it is where the houses of the farmers are located. Up above there are clouds moving in warning everyone the rain is about to fall,the farmers should take cover.

It must be a welcome sight for the people,the fields are dry,water is needed to enliven the field.

Soon nature will make everything green and lively,the plants will grow,the farmers will flock to the fields to harvest the crops.They will collect their produce and keep some for themselves and sell the rest.

Then they all will have ‘Thanksgiving’ dinner . They will sit around and make plans for next year’s crop.

DP Daily Prompt: Toy Story Post by Ranu

Plastic soldiers - machine gun soldier.

Plastic soldiers – machine gun soldier. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I do have a toy story, I was not the sole owner. My two younger brothers and my younger sister owned it. I collected money from each one,we then set off to buy a toy in the store.We saw a variety of toys,we had to settle for one, the price was luckily, enough for us to be able to pay for it. It was a toy soldier with a machine gun ,was battery operated,whenever we turned on the switch the soldier would move his head and start firing.He was dressed in a green overall. We had hours of fun playing with it.It was our favorite toy,well it was the only one we had.

Now that I have seen and experienced the facts of life. I see there is no connection with our childhood toy and the real world we live in. I dislike wars,all the killing that takes place in the name of freedom,simply is distasteful to me. There are so many innocent lives lost, thinking about it makes me sick.

When I see someone with a gun it scares me. I remember I had an uncle who was a major in the army.He used to visit us quite often.One day he came in his military uniform, I told him to please come to our place wearing normal clothes( I mean civilian clothes).

DP Daily Prompt: What a Twist fiction Post by Ranu

Dressed in clothes that made him look like a saint,he knocked the door gently. The woman opened the door and saw an old man with rosary beads,he was repeating some Arabic prayer. The woman promptly let him in.She asked him what she could do for him. He was a religious man and seemed not aware what she asked him.She repeated again,finally he opened his eyes and replied, “I am tired, can I rest for a while and complete my prayer?” She was more than glad to oblige. He continued  to pray.

He introduced himself  as a Sufi coming from a country far away. He said he was instructed to come to her place by some Divine power. The woman called her daughter. The daughter felt flattered that they were the family picked by this saint. They quickly sent the servant to buy groceries. There were a lot of dishes cooked by the woman and her daughter. He was treated royally.

The mother and daughter were elated that they were the chosen one. Meanwhile the stranger showed them a corner of the room. He said it was where they will find treasure hidden long time ago.They must clean that corner and wait for further instruction by him, how they should retrieve it. The house was bought by the family a few years ago,they never heard anything about it,only it belonged to a Hindu family.They decided to move to Kolkata,so they were selling the house.

The saint found himself  amidst two individuals,who were ready to do anything he wanted. After staying for a couple of hours,he declared it was time for him to go.He reminded them to continue praying. The mother and daughter asked him if he wanted some money,he did not show any interest. The mother did not feel comfortable, she begged him to take the money and pray for her family.Reluctantly he agreed. Before leaving he told them he’d be visiting some holy places,he would pray for them and get some sweets for them.

Thinking it would require some money and the man was too nice to ask, the mother emptied her suitcase and gave him the money and continued to ask him to pray for her family. The man nodded gently and assured them he’d see them again soon.

With his bag full of money the stranger left, he went to a nearby town ,checked into a hotel. He was pleased to see his bag bursting in the seams with money he collected . All he had to do was disguise as a saint!

DP Daily Prompt: Ground Hog Day post by Ranu

Although it’s not relevant now.There was a time when I would choose to stay stuck in holidays. Holiday has such a musical sound to it,how could I want to get out of it. I do know good things are always shorter than bad. Take for example me,I was in a place where screaming and disobedient kids made my days miserable.I would dream of going home and relax, I wasn’t able to, I’d take stacks and stacks of books home to correct,meals to cook,children to look after,make sure I prepared myself for the next day. I clearly was stuck in a loop.

There also was the fear,the baby sitter’s call right before I left,”Mrs. Asgar, I’m sick I won’t come today”. I’d have to deal with it the best way I knew how. Then there was one of the kid’s sick. How do I take care of this emergency?

At least when it is a holiday,I can relax,despite the house work.

No it is never possible to get “Life” right. Whichever way I tried things were never smooth. As humans we are responsible for so many things,it’s never easy. Life is not easy.I tried in my opinion to do so much for my relatives,it came back not as a reward but a nightmare.Life is not fair,this is my view of life.

DP Daily Prompt: These Boots Were Made for Walking Post by Ranu

English: These boots are made for walking .......

English: These boots are made for walking ……….. Who says Penzance isn’t at the forefront of fashion when you can buy thigh length boots such as these in our very own Market Jew Street !!! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The prompt reminds me of Nancy Sinatra’s song,’These boots are made for walkin and that’s what they’ll do’. I went hunting for comfortable shoes while I was in Montreal. I took two pairs of mine,but they refused to co-operate when I was walking. One of the problems in large cities is, one has to walk a lot to get anywhere.

The farmer’s market was over a kilometre away from where we were staying. This meant we’d have to walk. The first two days I used the pair I took with me. I ended up having my toes so sore,I could not continue using them. I had to get a comfortable pair. When I stepped out of the store,the problem continued. My daughter’s advice was,’Mom you have to break into them’.I understand that part,but I was only there for two weeks,I knew it was not long enough to feel at ease with them. Between stop and walk ritual I managed to cover the grounds. I had to walk from the subway station to the park to watch tennis matches where our favorite players were playing.

We went on a shopping spree, which required metres and metres of walking. My shoes took me to a lot of places,I honestly didn’t enjoy walking that much. It had to be done or else I’d have to sit and wish some angel would lend me her wings so I could fly everywhere. It is only possible in fiction.

I had aching feet,toes and everything that goes with walking,but was deprived of pleasure!