Daily Prompt : Disobey

In response to prompt : Disobey

If you disobey the traffic rules you get a ticket,

If you ignore the teacher  they’ll call you wicked.

If you dare to put your life in jeopardy,

You won’t get support, they’ll call you nerdy.

All these negative habits will ruin your happiness,

If you behave like a good citizen, you’ll reach success!

……………………………………. 🙂



Daily Prompt: Sympathy

In response to prompt : Sympathy

I always think of the days when my father passed away, how people came to our house to take away things without asking us. They didn’t show any compassion for how we are dealing with the loss. This is one side of human nature.

When we landed at Dhaka airport, my mother’s cousins who came in droves when my father was alive, after his passing the scenario changed completely. The cousins did not come to offer their Sympathy or support, we were considered  a burden, therefore we were treated like strangers. Of all the cousins my mom had, only one showed up. He genuinely felt sorry for us.

This is the fact of life, we found out soon enough  we were on our own and must not expect anything from our relatives.

Among all the people we knew, I felt the only one who was caring was our milkmaid who delivered milk daily. According to our custom when a woman’s husband dies, she takes off all her jewelry, wears white saris and leads a very simple life.

One day the milkmaid noticed my mom had taken off her jewelry including the bangles on her wrist. This is what she said,  ‘Begum Sahib, please wear the bangles, you’ll serve food to your children, if you do not wear them, it will shorten the lives of your children.’

Mom did not know, with tears in her eyes, she took out the bangles and wore them. I know others would think it’s a superstition. But I was overwhelmed with emotion, the very fact the milkmaid was thinking about us, made me feel, at least there is someone who loves us!

…………………………………. 🙂



Daily Prompt : Peculiar

In response to the prompt : Peculiar

Odd and Even are going for a walk,

It’s sounds strange how they talk.

One’s English accent is peculiar,

The other’s accent is not queer.

Even tells Odd, ‘I’ll teach you brother,’

Odd replies, ‘it’s all right why bother.’

So they decided to go separate ways,

Rather than tease each other anyways!

……………………………. 🙂


Daily Prompt: Overcome

In response to prompt : Overcome

Overcome with fatigue and hunger the traveller, stopped in a park, he saw a huge oak tree, felt it was the right place to stop. He sat under the tree to rest, it was comfortable, closed his eyes and before he knew it he fell asleep.

A sweet voice awakened him, he looked up, there she was a tiny girl, she asked,   ‘Why are you sleeping under the tree, don’t you have a home, come with me and stay in our home, I will call you my grandpa.’

Overwhelmed by emotion, the traveller looked at the little angel, he was speechless. Tears rolled down his cheeks.

The girl shook him,  ‘Oh don’t cry,’  she said,  ‘my mom and I will take good care of you, you stay with us and tell me stories, I love them, mom is always busy. I will call you my pretend grandpa.’

This invitation by the girl, touched his heart, he burst out crying. He said, ‘ your mom doesn’t know me, she may not like me to stay in your house.’

‘My mom will be happy to have you in our house, we’ll be a happy family,’   she said.

She suddenly ran to get her mom, who was sitting on a bench. At first mom wasn’t too sure to have a stranger living with them, when she  noticed her daughter’s sad face, she made up her mind to give it a try.

The girl and her mother took the traveller home. He was given a furnished bedroom. The little angel  loved to have her pretend grandpa as she called him. They enjoyed each others company, life was much better!

……………………………………. 🙂


Daily Prompt: Crescendo

In response to one-word prompt :  Crescendo

US OPEN Semi-final tennis Ladies Match

The stadium was full not a seat was vacant,

I sat on my bed waiting calm and patient.

Sloane served first determined to win,

Venus standing tall with broad grin.

‘Oh no, beware this victory is mine,’

The noise rose to a crescendo as the crowd lifted the sign.

The mighty Sloane won the first  set,

Her fans cheered she will win we bet.

Second set was easily won by Venus,

Venus’ fans roared , ‘she is a genius.’

To decide the winner the third set began,

It was time for the fans to have a plan.

The noise of each group reached a climax,

It was up to the victor to use her attacks!

………………………………….. 🙂




Daily Prompt : Finite

In response to one-word prompt : Finite

Most people in the world have Finite income,

Why this is so I’m unable to fathom.

We must spend wisely, my mom always said,

Even a king can go broke if he’s not careful,

This example of a king left me bewildered ,

Isn’t there someone who has inexhaustible wealth?

Those who have countless money are very few,

There’s no use   thinking of them they won’t share,

So let’s live our restricted lives with care!

……………………………….. 🙂



Daily Prompt : Anticipate

In response to one-word prompt : Anticipate

It was  my first year of teaching, I had thirty-three  children in my class. Our principal was responsible for dividing boys and girls equally in each of our fourth grade class. Something wasn’t right I had 28 boys and five girls in my class.

I looked at the boys and girls and anticipated  trouble from the boys, I stayed calm, thinking I shouldn’t have problems with them, they are only nine years old.

Among the boys there was one whose father was a Physician, he was unruly, ill-mannered and was fearless, none of the teachers wanted him in their class, so this job was thrust upon me.

I watched him daily, made a note of all the unacceptable things he did, I waited for the day when we’d have Parent-Teacher interviews.

In October we got the schedule for  interviews. I was ready for the mother, I knew her because my husband was a Physician too, we met at a party. So Mrs. was happy to know about her son from me and was certain, I’d praise her son, how smart he was, she could not foretell about her child’s behavior at school, in her mind he was well-behaved, none of the teachers in the lower grade complained, it was natural for her to think, her son was perfect.

After the introductory salutation, I  began relating everything negative about him, such as going to neighbors’ yards knocking down their clothes hung outside and reminding everyone his father is a doctor. He used inappropriate language, no one checked him, he thought it was okay to behave the way he did.

The mother was furious, perhaps she thought I was lying. That evening she visited her friend and complained about me. Then she asked her if she ever found him as bad as I said he was.

Her friend told her, ‘everything she said is true.’

She came back to see me again, she apologized for not believing me and was unhappy the other teachers did not mention anything about his behavior.

I thought I was morally responsible to tell the parents about their child good as well as bad, they were nine – year old kids who must know the difference between right and wrong!

…………………………………. 🙂