DP Daily Prompt: Your Days are Numbered

I have to mention Australian Open Grand Slam Tennis Tournament. Today January 26 th 2014 will go down in History as the greatest day for, “Stanislas Wawrinka,a tennis player . He accomplished what no one else could believe he would. He defeated Rafael Nadal in the championship match. He took away the trophy that the commentators thought was surely Nadal’s.

Critics may argue, how Nadal got injured and didn’t play his best. When the match started both of them were fine physically and mentally. Wawrinka the under dog took two sets without any problem. In the third set he was overwhelmed by the occasion and what he was about to do. He lost the third and came right back and won the fourth.

I think Nadal is over rated by many. ┬áTo me this was the greatest thing for 26th January 2014. I would say, yes Wawrinka they couldn’t make you nervous. Congratulations for winning the first grand slam of 2014.