Daily Prompts: Second Time Around

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Tell us about a book you can read again and again without getting bored- what is it that speaks to you?

The book I can read more than once is, ‘A Long Way Home,’ By Saroo Brierley. I’m re-posting my book review which I wrote in 2014.


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365 Writing Prompts: Judgement Day

If you were to judge your favorite book by its cover, would you still read it?

I always pick up books to read if I like the title. I do not have any books that have fancy covers.  If I were to judge my favorite book by its cover I will still read it. It’s not the cover but the title attracted my attention.

Once my daughter bought a book for me, she said it was a good one,I read the title, it was ,”A Long Way  Home” I looked at the cover, it was the picture of a little boy.I was curious I felt it might be the story of the boy, may be he was lost. The words A long Way, the picture was of a little Indian boy.

I wasted no time thinking I started reading. It turned out to be one of my favorite books.


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DP Daily Prompt: Off the Shelf

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If you had enough free time,which book would be the first one you’d like to reread? Why?

If I had enough free time, the first book I’d like to reread is, “A Long Way Home.”

This is the first book I ever read about a five year old boy, who was lost, he tried to find home, he could not,because he was poor no one paid any attention to him.

Call it luck or destiny an older boy listened to him, took him to the police station. He never went to school, his mother was so poor she could barely provide food for them, education was out of question. With his five year old mind he did what a child his age could not possibly do.

He was fortunate to be adopted by an Australian couple, they took him to Australia, fed him, clothed him,sent him to school.

Even though his life changed dramatically, he did not forget his mother or his siblings, every day he reminded himself of his mother and his two brothers and his little sister and hoped he’d find them some day.

He had enough wisdom to make sure not to talk about his mother or his siblings to his parents who adopted him, he did not want them to think he was ungrateful.

When he was old enough and had a computer at his disposal , he looked for his home on the internet. It took him twenty years to finally locate his family in India.

He wrote his memoirs and got it published in 2012. It is unbelievable how such a young child could remember his family that long.

I read his book and felt, his mother was truly blessed to have a child like him.