October: The clothes that (may) make the wo(man)

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I was never particular about the clothes I wear from a young age. I have not changed. People around me criticize me but I turn a deaf ear. It’s after all my life I tell myself and no one has any right to find fault with what I wear.

I believe those who aren’t happy with themselves try to reprehend others who to them look content.

I guess the phrase ‘mind your business,’ was invented for them.

I had preference for the colour blue, whenever Mom asked, ‘what colour would you like I’m going shopping for your dress.’

My reply was always blue. I don’t know why my older sister would get irritated. On one occasion Mom asked the same question about the colour I prefer. Of course, ‘Blue Mom,’ was my instant reply.

It seems each time my mom or dad asked me a question, my big sister was waiting to contradict me. If I said I like the colour blue, she’d immediately say, ‘Red mom.’

No one asked her, but she’d say her two cents worth any way.

I never picked up any style for instance, if I chose a sari to wear and couldn’t find a blouse to match, I’d pick black or red. Suddenly out of the blue the dear sister’s voice sounds loud and clear, ‘the blouse and sari does not match, Ranu.’

There were comments about me I know not how to wear a sari, I should wear so it could sweep the dusty streets of the city. Well I thought I must make a big sign which says, ‘Y’all Mind Your Business.’

On this subject I’d like to use a quote by my dearest teacher Sr. Rose Bernard. She took me aside one day and said, ‘ Chaman do not feel sad if someone criticizes you, they are jealous of you.’

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