DP Daily Prompts: Pains and Gains

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Do you agree with Jane Fonda’s favorite exercise motto,”no pain,no gain?” Is it impossible to to attain greatness without considerable hardship?

I agree with Jane Fonda’s exercise motto, “no pain,no gain?” If we want to be in good shape, we have to work for it, we cannot just will it. We all want to be in good shape, if we do not put in the time to do it we’ll never achieve our goal. She shows how she got into shape by doing the exercise, she didn’t only talk.

Greatness is not easy to achieve without hard work, to be famous one has to work hard and I truly believe in it.

There are people who are famous by their evil deeds. They are hated by everyone, it’s the kind of fame that make them infamous.





Tagore song: aguner poroshmoni chhonwao praney posted and translated by Ranu

Oh god of fire,

For the sake of  gain

Lead us to the right path

I submit my humble request

To  your fire to  burn our wretchedness

Like the touchstone

may your fire touch us

And make us holy

So that we can achieve

Greatness in this life!

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