DP Daily Prompts: In Retrospect

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Yesterday you invented a new astrological sign. Today , write your own horoscope__ for the past month(in other words,as if you’d written it October 1st.

According to my new astrological sign, I am ambitious, determined, patient, and intelligent. Today is October 1st, I see myself taking a trip somewhere for a few days

I do not see any project for me that is overly ambitious, everything seems to be simple, it will be a good trip for me I’ll learn a few things from it.

I see myself face to face with some sales ladies, who will tax my patience,if I’m able to succeed, it will prove my horoscope which says I’m intelligent is true.

I’m checking what my horoscope said and what really happened the past month.

Yes I took a trip in the first week of October. I went to a store in the Eaton Center in Montreal, I saw some pretty mugs I picked a couple, one for my neighbor and one  for me, I went to the cash register to pay for them, the first question I was asked was, “Do you have a Bay Card?”

I replied, “No, I don’t and I do not want one.”

Well the lady would not leave me alone , she told me all the advantages of having a card, that there are ‘Sales’ I can take advantage of and a million other things, she kept talking I smiled and refused to get one.

In the end my determination slackened and I agreed to get one, she wasted no time and gave me a temporary card.

I showed patience but failed in the “determined” department.

This trip was more difficult than I thought it would be. The sales ladies are really something, I wish I had said, “What part of I do not want a card, don’t you understand?.”

The lady kept up the pressure and I succumbed , doesn’t show much determination  on my part,does it?

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365 Writing Prompts: 21st Century Citizen

Do you belong in this day and age?Do you feel comfortable being a citizen of the 21st century? If you do, explain why — and if you don’t, when in human history would you rather be?

I’m not sure which age I’d like to belong, there are advantages and disadvantages no matter which age I belong to.

I can see a lot of inventions are in place to make us comfortable, but it also makes us want more.There are a variety of tools in the market for our amusement, if something new is invented, there are businesses trying to invent something better.

It costs a lot to keep up with technology, we are not happy we crave for more.

If I think of the past century it wasn’t that bad, we had all the necessities of life, we worked harder than we do now it kept us fit, we were healthier I think. 

I remember in my Economics class my teacher sister Rose Bernard told us Americans are always in debt, when we questioned her why, she said buying things on credit is the reason, one which they cannot get out of, without paying off their debt they buy a newer model of appliance for instance, which results in accumulating more debt.

Both past and present ages have their advantages and disadvantages, it’s difficult to decide when in human history would I rather be. If I can take some from the past and some from the present I’d be happy, it is not practical, I guess I don’t have an answer!

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DP Daily Prompt: Fight the Power

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Tell us about a time when you fought authority and took a stand against,”the Man.” Did you win?


I was known for staying quiet, in the school where I taught,they always took advantage of me because of this. The principal knew other teachers would complain so whenever we had to change classrooms,I’d be the first one, I would quietly move.

One day the custodian came to my room and said, “You’re always the one who they move, they’re confident you won’t complain, you know what here on this island they say, a squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

I thought about it and let it go, I also wasn’t in favor of making noise in trivial matters. But that had to be changed because the matter in front of me was serious. 

My class was scheduled to go to Art class one day, the teacher sent them back, she explained the other teacher could not have Art week before due to teachers’ workshop.

Why wasn’t this information making  sense to me,I get it she is the squeaky wheel,the principal had to go along with her even if it was unfair. I watched my kids clearly dejected, I told myself I’m not going to stand here and take it. 

I went to the principal’s office and told him if it were my class would he take the stand of sending the other class back and let my class have the Art period they missed. I know he was surprised, he told me to send my class for Art, he came behind me and told  my class they’d be in trouble if they were noisy.

Clearly he didn’t have the guts to tell Madame her class couldn’t have Art that day,he preferred to have both mine and her class  have Art in the same period,all sixty of them.

I took a stand, well I won partly but my class had to share their period with another class, which I know they didn’t like!



DP Daily Prompt: Humble Pie Ranu’s post http: sabethville.wordpress.com

I regret about a lot of things. It started from a very young age. One evening my Dad saw me writing something.He asked me ,”Are you doing  your Homework,Ma? I said, “no Dad ,this is my friend’s work, she wants me to finish it for her,” he was quiet for a few seconds,then he looked at me and said, ” this will be the last time I’ll tell you , you must never let your friends take advantage of you!”

At that time I knew what he meant. I never was able to follow his advice.People still take advantage of me.

DP Daily Prompt:Stranger( the card lady) post by Ranu

My daughter and I went to Costco to do some shopping. We   were in a hurry that day.We had the cart loaded.just as I was going

English: This is a logo for Costco.

English: This is a logo for Costco. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

to the check -in counter,I was stopped by a lady, she smiled and said ,’Hi’. I did not respond I kept walking,this time she stood in front of me and tried to talk to me.I told her,I was in a hurry.In reply she said it will only take a few minutes.Then she pulled out a book and asked my name.I asked why she needed my name. She said she was wondering if I wanted an American Express card .  She told me  the advantage of having one. I was firm ,I told her I had far too many cards and I did not want an additional card. I don’t know how long it took  me. She was one person whom I could not get rid of fast enough.