Daily Prompt : Identical

In response to prompt : Identical

Puzzle Solved!

While taking the roll call of the kids a while ago, I noticed I was hearing the same last name, three times. I lifted my head looked at the kids and asked, ‘Are you kids related ?’

Immediately I heard, ‘We are triplets!’

Wow! I thought three kids, how am I going to know each one if they are indistinguishable.

My problem became simple, when I saw one of them was a girl.

I still had to deal with the two boys who were similar.

I began looking for something, anything that could help me distinguish the two boys.

Seemed like I was able to find one thing that was different between the two boys, yes they were similar,  but there was one thing about them that helped me.

I looked at their faces and found one thing which helped me. One of them had a mean face, and the other one  was sweet.

Eureka I said, ‘I’ve solved the puzzle!’

………………………………. 🙂