DP Daily Prompt: Hi Mom posted by ranu

Friendly foods from the Quaker Oats Company | ...

Friendly foods from the Quaker Oats Company | Aliments amicales du Quaker Oats Company (Photo credit: CanadianaCA)

My Dear Amma,

Assalam O Alaikum. How are you? Today is Mothers Day, this is the daily prompt I’m supposed to write. I am so glad I am writing to you.I always remember how hard you worked for us,we are so fortunate to have a mother like you. The days you woke up three in the morning,to prepare breakfast for us,reminds me how prompt you were.I loved waking up with you and pretend to cook ,this was a treat for me. You knew I woke up too early,You did not make me go back to bed.I still can hear you telling me stories about the prophet,and how I should be a good girl,because God would be angry with me and you,if I was unkind.He would also be unhappy with you for raising a child lacking manners. It seems it was only the other day.

I loved watching you baking pound cake,it was my favorite.I would take the empty Quaker oats tin and imitate  how you made the batter. I baked the little cake and was so proud. Abba would come and look at me ,he enjoyed watching me trying to learn how to cook. You encouraged me to do everything,you knew I wasn’t old enough,still you were happy to see me try. You taught us right from wrong,we listened to you, your friends liked us because we were not rowdy or unmannerly. You made sure when any elders called us we answered jee,this you said was the right way.

You always gave us lessons on humility. We tried to be good,there were times we did not measure up.We were gently reminded of our mistakes. When I think back,I wish I could go back to those days.Life was simple,we treated everyone as we wanted ourselves to be treated.

Thank you Amma for loving us so much. I love you with all my heart.I consider myself exceptionally lucky to have a Mom like you.

All my best wishes to you Amma,I hope you never feel embarrassed by my behaviour.

Allah Hafiz,

Affectionately yours,


Worlds Largest Mosques- One

English: Masjid al-Haram, Mecca

English: Early morning sky in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
English: Early morning sky in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Kaaba, Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Holiest s...

English: Kaaba, Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Holiest site in Islam. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Masjid-al-Haram Interior

Masjid-al-Haram Interior (Photo credit: transposition)

English: Supplicating Pilgrim at Masjid Al Har...

English: A picture of people performing (circu...
English: A picture of people performing (circumambulating) the . This picture taken from the gate of Abdul Aziz seems to divide the Kaaba and the minarets into mirror images of one another. Français : Pélerins en train de réaliser la Circumambulation (ou Tawaf) autour de la Ka’ba. Photo prise depuis la porte Ibn Saud, d’où la vue présente une symétrie en miroir presque parfaite. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Greatest Mosque Al-Masjid Al-Haram  , Mecc...

The Greatest Mosque Al-Masjid Al-Haram , Mecca | أول بيت وضع للناس (Photo credit: Hossam all line)

Al-Masjid al- Haram or the Grand Mosque surrounds Islam’s holiest place the Kaaba.It is located in the city of Mecca and is the largest mosque in the world.Muslims turn toward Kaaba while performing any prayer.One of the Five pillars of Islam requires every Muslim to perform the Hajj pilgrimage ,at least once in his or her lifetime if able to do so including circumambulation of Kaaba.

It was established at the time of Prophet Abraham. the capacity of the mosque is 900,000 and is increased to 4000,000 during Hajj.It has 9 minarets.The height of each is 89 m(292 Feet).

I am hoping to be able to write about the other mosques one at a time.

Allah Hafiz to all of you!