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The lyricist was born and raised in allahabad

Aashiyan jal gaya

Lyricist : R. Allahabadi

Singer : Habib Wali Muhammad

Translated by Ranu

My abode is burned,

Garden plundered,

Where can I go from this prison?

I’m so familiar with my surroundings,

Freedom from it will kill me.

Few more days,

I’ll spend in this tavern,

These days of depression will pass,

Let my cup bearer, raise her face,

To give the empty vessels

time to refill.

O dawn’s breeze,

Promise me on her behalf,

you will not mention my grief.

I do not care about my demise,

I fear the news of my sadness,

Will scatter her curls.

With tearful sadness where can I go?

No one values tears here,

I urge you to let me,

hold on to you,

otherwise my pearly tears,

Will drop on the earth.

Those curly black locks,

The sad smile of the rows of garden,

My heart has captured,

the photographs,

of them all.

She cannot hide from me anymore!

……………………………………. 🙂