Life Lesson: Buddha

Loneliness is better than bad company.

“Standing Alone Doesn’t Mean You Are Alone

It Means You are strong enough

To handle things

All by yourself.”


No matter how alone

You think you are

God is just a

Prayer Away.


Choose Solitude

Not Loneliness

Loneliness Expresses the pain of being alone

Solitude Expresses the glory of being alone

” People think being alone

Makes you lonely.

But I don’t think it’s true,

Being surrounded by

The wrong people is the

Loneliest thing in the world.”


365 Writing Prompts: Take care

When you’re unwell do you allow others to take care of you , or do you prefer to soldier on alone? What does it take for you to ask for help?

When I’m not well but can look after myself I take care of myself, I do not like to bother anyone. There have been occasions when I needed help, in those circumstances I do ask for help.

I’ve had “Vertigo ” a few times, it’s something I’m unable to deal with all by myself. All I need then is to have someone near me.

Fortunately I’m generally in good shape. Thankfully I know what is good or not good for me. I follow the rules of good health.


Bengali Song: ei meghla dine ekla: singer, Hemant Kumar, posted and translated by Ranu

Alone on this rainy day

I do not like to be at home.

I want to see you

I wonder when will you invite me.

The flower says this breeze

Only comes and goes.

Alas the day is ending.

The world is covered with darkness

The rain drops keep falling

All day long.

The clouds are indifferent today

Absentmindedly I’m thinking

You will come you will  laugh

My dear when will it happen?

…………………………. ūüôā





DP Daily Prompts: In Good Faith

Describe a memory or encounter in which you considered your faith, religion, spirituality–or lack of–for the first time.

My mom gave me a book of prayers , she checked off two she said was very helpful when I was in any kind of danger. I memorized both of them and felt confident these two would protect me.

I once told my uncle about them, he smiled and said, “here is another one, this one is short and will come in handy when you are nervous and forget the long ones.”

I am equipped with my three prayers to help me when I need them.

Once I was traveling to Dhaka (Bangladesh) in the middle of the night by train, there were other passengers, I was traveling alone, suddenly I saw a weird looking man showing his face on the window, I was so terrified I started saying the three prayers one at a time, when the train stopped at a station, he was told to get off from the train by the conductor. I was relieved I wouldn’t have to see his face again.


song: zindagi,kaisi hai paheli haaye,what kind of a riddle is life posted and translated by Ranu

What kind of a riddle is life,

Sometimes it makes you laugh,

And sometimes it makes you cry.

What kind of a riddle is life,

sometimes it makes you laugh,

and sometimes it makes you cry.

Sometimes your mind,

weaves threads of dreams,

one day the dreamer,

will go ahead of his dream,

But where?

What kind of a riddle is life,

sometimes it makes you laugh,

sometimes it makes you cry.

Those who organized the fares here,

bore happiness and sorrows together,

they picked everything in silence,

and left this place alone.

who knows where?

what kind of a riddle is life,

sometimes it makes you happy,

sometimes it makes you cry.…slated-by-ranu

Tagore song: Let the vessel of sweet memories, posted and translated by Ranu

Let the farewell  vessel of sweet memories remain filled

In tearful sadness and quiet  depths of silence

May your heart secretly find a new message

You will have to go alone on the path you choose to take

There will be darkness in your eyes

But there will be a ray of light

In your heart

Throughout the day your mind

Will be revived with sweet memories

While in the garden of your heart

The lute will play the music of separation!…slated-by-ranu/


song by Sujata, translated and posted by Ranu

Everything written in

the pages of my life is wrong

It is a mistake to think

Spring will show up

in my unfortunate life.

I ask myself where did I live,

where will I go?

I have no answer for it.

It’s wrong for me to think

in my cloudy life

there will be a ray of light .

No one will call me

when I attempt to leave

It is wrong to hope

anyone will remember me.

If I think I’m not alone any more

It will be a mistake.

Everything written in the pages

of my life is a mistake!





Writing Prompt: Choose your adventure

One day I decided to walk alone as far as I could walk in Sylhet (Bangladesh). My journey took me to a variety of places. I stopped in front of a shop where people were going in and out to buy I don’t know what. I was curious I walked slowly I was looking for a slight opening to get in and see what is this thing everyone is excited about. Luckily I found a spot where a woman left hoping to get back later. I took the opportunity and inched my way in, I heard a bunch of people holding a strange thing,I couldn’t really figure out the thing,the voices were getting louder, the seller kept raising his price.I thought to myself I must know what it is and maybe I will buy it.

Evening was approaching fast,the man hadn’t been able to sell his precious thing. I went close to him and was surprised to see an ordinary rock.Why would all these people be so anxious to get hold of this rock was puzzling me. I wouldn’t even pay a dime for it,someone in the crowd heard this and told the owner what he had overheard. There was a huge commotion they all glared at me,I wasn’t scared at all I glared back at them. One of them said,”Hey you cheeky fellow,how did you get in here?”

I looked at him and replied, “I got in the same way you did what’s the big deal.”

He pushed me and told me to get lost.  I knew I was there to stay and get that piece of rock even if I had to stay there for a long time.I was looking for a way to get close to the owner of the rock. I started feeling uneasy as if someone was piercing a hole on my back with her look,frightened I turned back,there she was with an evil smile looking at me.

What do you want I said, almost feeling guilty. She turned around and walked away. Something happened to me,was it her piercing look or did she put some kind of spell on me. I lost my interest in that rock and came out. The sun was shining bright I was hungry,a vendor was passing by with a load full of oranges. I bought one and sat under the shade of a tree eating my orange.

I was lost in my thoughts I didn’t want to go anywhere but stay put right where I was. Then the most magical thing happened…

Readers!  Would you like to give your own ending to my story? Please try! 06-choose your adventure/

Tagore Song singer- Deb Biswas posted and translated by ranu

Japanese names of parts of a musical note

Japanese names of parts of a musical note (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I eagerly listen

in my own impassable heart ,

again and again.

Someone is  crying and laughing;

I eagerly listen

to hear their secret,

again  and again.

I eagerly listen

again and again.

The wandering bumble bee  hides alone

behind the water lily.

I eagerly listen,

the bird of the night singing,

alone in the dark.

I eagerly listen

in my own impassable heart,

who it is, no one knows.

I have some idea,

some I can guess,

some I do not understand.

Sometimes the message is cloaked

in a musical note.

What can it be in my language?

I eagerly listen,

again and again!

Walk Alone song by Tagore Translation by Ranu

If no one answers your call, then  walk alone,

Walk alone,walk alone walk alone.

If no one speaks,O  unfortunate one,no one answers your call,

if all of them go back and  are afraid,

then open your heart and let your feelings known vocally.

If all of them go back, O unfortunate one ,no one turns around ,

then  trample the thorns and move on with your bleeding feet.

If no one answers your call,

If they don’t hold the light in the dark night,

if they close the doors because of the storm,

then walk alone on the impassable path

and light up the light in your heart and walk alone.

If no one answers your call walk alone,walk alone,walk alone.